Thursday, November 17, 2011

The countdown is on!

I have 9 days till the BIG day!
9 days people to...
* get my house cleaned and to have it stay cleaned
* finish up last minute decorations
* make sure the camera is charged and that there's enough room on our 8G memory card
* make all the desserts


then hope that my girl has the best 1st birthday ever!
Her actual birthday is in 12 days...

Little Miss is becoming so independent these days.  She likes to do things by herself and not have mommy help her.  She likes to help when I feed her her baby food, she crabs the spoon each time to put it in her mouth.  When diaper change time comes and that diaper comes off she's outta here!  She speed crawls away so that I will chase her, it's become a game now.  Its cute most of the time unless we're trying to leave in a hurry for an appt.  LOL 

She's walking like a pro with her push toys and loves to play with Kaylee.  They play really well together, for the most part.  Kaylee still takes toys away from Keira which causes a big fight but that's one thing were working a lot on SHARING!  I'm curious to see how Kaylee will be at Keira's birthday when it's time to open the presents, if she'll think there her's or what she'll do.  I guess we'll find out in 9 days!

* * * *

I recieved the girls Christmas shirts that I had ordered for them on etsy.  They turned out so cute and I cant wait to get them dressed in their Christmas outfits for our Christmas pictures & Christmas Eve & Day. I just need to find some red & white stripped leg warmers for Keira and I'm set.

I ordered there shirts from HERE

We will be setting up our Christmas tree and all of our decorations after Keira's party.  I cant wait!  It should be a lot of fun to have Kaylee help decorate the tree this year. 

We also worked on Christmas gift that we're giving all the grandparents and it turned out adorable!!!  You'll have to wait to see them till after Christmas when I do my Christmas Gift post.  Pinterest has given me lots of ideas to make for people this year!

* * * *

Day 17/30 days of Thankfulness
November 17th, 2011
I am thankful for my brother Josh also known to the girls as Unc Josh!  He is an awesome Uncle.  He runs around with the girls, plays hide and seek and catch.  The girls love him and I love that he loves them.


  1. Good luck with the final preparations! The reindeer shirts are adorable!

  2. Good luck with the last minute party stuff! Can't wait to see their Xmas photos in the matching shirts :-)