Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Every kid should start their day

with a Rockstar, right?!  LOL

NO it's not open but I just thought it was pretty funny.  Daddy left his cold Rockstar on the table and Keira speed crawled over to the table to get it.  She kept licking it and pretending to drink it.  This kid makes me laugh on a daily basis!

* As Keira's 1st birthday approaches in 21 days, I'm feeling like I need to be spending even more time with her because she is growing up way to fast.  Sometimes I feel like I'm not giving her as much attention as I did with Kaylee and it makes me feel bad. I think I need to set aside some time for just her & I.  I feel like I'm lacking in the teaching her things department.  I feel like I haven't been on top of teaching her things like I was with Kaylee and makes me kinda sad. 

* Kaylee finally pooped today YAY!  I tell a big difference in her dimenier has changed.  She seems so much happier and playful.  Kinda like back to her old self.  I'm hoping that this Mirolax works and we find out some answers on Friday.

* I am on the hunt for 24 Christmas books.  I found this idea on Pinterest.  It said to wrap 25 Christmas books and open one each night and read it as a family.  I think this is an awesome tradition to start.  The girls love to have books read to them and I think it's something fun to do as a family.  I have ONE Christmas book now so I'm on the hunt for 24 more.  I'm hoping to talk to Jason's mom and see if she has any or if she knows of a second hand book store where I can get some.  The holidays this year are going to be so much fun with the girls.

* As of today there are 47 days till Christmas!  HOLY COW....I better start my Christmas shopping.  I have my list and know what I'm going to get almost everyone.  I just need to start shopping.  Then we need to figure out what we're going to get the girls.  Another tradition we are going to do for Christmas is to make cookies and decorate them together for Santa and have daddy make flour foot prints on the ground by the front door leading to the cookie tray.  I think Kaylee will get a kick out of it and its fun.

* Physical therapy has been going great.  I went to my first one and then had to miss 2 weeks of it cause life got a little crazy.  But I went in yesterday for my second time and I always like the way I feel when I leave there.  It always makes me feel like a whole new person.  Plus it makes me feel great for the whole week.  To go with little to no neck pain is awesome!

* I love that the girls are getting so close and playing so much more!  It's amazing watching them together.  I love watching the bond between them grow daily.  It makes my heart melt when Kaylee rushes to be by Keira's side when she cries and rubs her back and says "its gonna be alright sweetheart"

* I'm excited I just ordered some matching Christmas shirts for the girls.  I cant wait to get them and then take our Christmas pictures.  I have gotten some cute ideas from Pinterest on how we'll do our Christmas cards this year!  Its going to be so cute, I cant wait!

* Day 8/30 days of Thankfulness
November 8th, 2011
I am thankful to be a STAY AT HOME MOM!  I love that I'm able to stay home everyday with my girls.  I love that I'm able to watch them grow and learn.  Im thankful for all the 1st I've been able to witness because I get to stay home.  Like this morning, Keira stood up on the bed all by herself!

* I had my second observation for school today.  For a school assignment I had to go to 2 different school programs and observe in the classroom for an hour.  Both of my observations were of Kindergarteners.  One was at a kinder care and the other was at a public school.  WOW both of them were so different.  I can tell you this I would not pay to have my kid at Kinder Care! 

* I hate coming up with menu ideas for the week.  It seems like I can never come up with any new ideas and we end up having the same thing.  Another thing I hate, I hate going grocery shopping.  I wish I could make my list and have someone go get it for me and then cook dinner for me each night, who wouldn't love that right?!

* Date nights for the hubs and I have been put on hold until I'm done with physical therapy.  We just don't have enough time.  The girls leave at 4:30, I go to PT at 5 for an hour to an hour an 15 minutes and the girls come home at 8.  Mondays are the only days I can go PT cause both girls are gone.  Although I love the way I feel after PT I cant wait to get back to having date nights again. 

Here are some pictures of the girls



  1. SO GLAD she is feeling a little relief today. I know her little belly must have been hurting her.

    I still have not started my PT...October was so crazy. Have my first appt scheduled for next thursday. Hope I get some relief too!!

  2. You might also want to check ebay for book lots...sometimes you can score a good deal. Also craigslist :-)

    Glad Kaylee is feeling better!


  3. Glad she is feeling better!!!

    I am trying to do the same thing with books for Christmas!!! Now to just find them! haha let me know your trick when you find one!!!:) xo

  4. I'm going to start collecting Christmas books now even though we won't start the tradition this year. What a great idea!

  5. I'm also wanting to do the Christmas book thing. I think it's such a cute idea but I definitely can't afford to buy 24 new Christmas books... I'm so glad to hear that Kaylee is feeling better. I love your new header and all of your family pictures. You guys are adorable!

  6. Glad Kaylee is feeling better! That Christmas book idea is great... might steal it :)

    I need to get on our Christmas presents! I want to make a lot of them but where is all my time to do that?!?!?!/ :

  7. YAY for Kaylee feeling better! I am totally doing the 25 book thing as well! I saw it on pinterest and I think its FABULOUS!!!