Saturday, November 12, 2011

How many phones does ONE girl need

Apparently Keira needs 4! LOL
We've accumulated some old cell phones and baby play phones over the years.
Yesterday Keira discovered all 4 of these phones in the toy box and has been in LOVE ever since.
Last night after Kaylee left to go to Grandma's, mommy & Keira played with the phones.
She then decided that I was done playing with her when she grabbed each phone and took them to a different spot away from me.  She sat in that one spot with all 4 of her phones and played for a good hour.
Yes you heard me right, ONE HOUR!

It was so cute to watch her put the phone up to her ear and start babbling and then you could hear her say bye bye and then throw them down.  At one point she was had a phone at both ears babbling away.

First thing when she woke up this morning she was on the hunt for her phones, but got pissed when Kaylee kept taking them away from her and hiding them.


Have a great Saturday!

The girls and I are just hanging out.  I am doing some online searching for Christmas presents for the girls.  I love Christmas time.  Jason's mom is buying us some Christmas books to add to our collection for our new tradition.  YAY.  We have 2 books and I think she is getting us 5 books.  I might stock up on more Christmas books after Christmas when they're on sale.

This week I have felt kinda crappy.  Physical therapy wasn't nice to me this week.  I hurt more now than I did before I went on Monday.  Hopefully when I go back on Monday we can do something different cause I don't like my back/neck hurting this bad.

Day 11/30 days of Thankfulness
November 11th, 2011
I am thankful that my girls get along so well and love to play with eachother.  Growing up I'd always wished for a sister, that one person you could share every thing with, fight over boys with, share clothes with and to have that best friend for life (don't get me wrong I love my brothers)  I am thankful that my girls have eachother to experience all the fun and heartache with.

Day 12/30 days of Thankfulness
November 12th, 2011
I am thankful for technology.  Being able to skype or talk to my mom on a daily basis since she's left has been a life saver.  I am thankful that I can pick up the phone and call her to ask her question or just talk to her about my day.


  1. The little naked butt picture is sooo cute!

    Stocking up after Christmas is a great idea. You could always check some books out from the library each week to get you by this year. Wrap them up and read them and return them :-)


  2. Omgsh, that little naked bootie picture is ADORABLE!! great pics. She has such pretty eyes. So funny about her 4 cell phones. lol.