Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treating 2011

The girls left with grandma around 4:30 and we were meeting them later at Jason's grandma's for dinner.  Kaylee played with her cousin Ellie and had a blast.  We left around 7 to come home to get the girls ready to go trick or treating.  We weren't sure how Kaylee would do since this was her first time trick or treating, but she was a pro!  She walked up to the door and knocked with help and when they would open the door in her soft little nervous voice she would say "twick or tweet".  It was the cutest thing ever.  After she got the candy she would say thank you and then go running down to daddy saying "I got lots of candies".  Jason's dad and his girlfriend and my little brother came with us.  We hit quite a few houses before heading back cause Miss Keira was getting tired.  Next year is going to be so fun with both of them!


It was also my brother Jake's 18th birthday yesterday.
Happy Birthday Uncle Jake
thanks for walking around with us on your birthday
We are taking him out to dinner tonight

We had a great time last night
When we got home Kaylee got 2 pieces of candy before bed time
First thing when she came down this morning she was asking where her candy was
Daddy put it in the fridge

* * * *

We are off to the Dr's this morning for Kaylee.  She has been having a problem with going #2.  She goes like a whole week before going #2.  I've tried giving her foods with lots of fiber and prune & orange juice to help her go more but its not working so we're headed to the Dr's to see what they say we should do!

I will update after her appt!


  1. AAWW - SO precious!!! I love how she totally did not forget about her candy overnight;)

    I hope all goes well at her appt. today!!

  2. OMG those outfits are precious!
    You know whats funny? Carly was the outgoing one during trick or treating and Lidia was SO SHY! It was crazy :)

    Glad you guys had fun! And I LOVE your family pics BTW!

  3. So cute! Glad they had such a great time!

  4. Their costumes are so cute! Good luck at your appointment! My muchkin has the same problem... keeping my fingers crossed that you have better luck than us!

  5. I love their outfits! What a cute costume idea!