Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Keira

Keira Alexis-

On this day ONE year ago today at 10:43pm after 12 hours of labor you finally made your scary but wonderful grand enterance into this world.  That day was the best day of my life.  You completed our family and I thank god everyday that he chose me to be your mama.

As I sit here pondering the words to write.  Your first year has come way to fast.  I often asked for time to slow down so I can enjoy you this small for a little while longer, but it has yet to get back to me!

You have grown into a very loving and sweet 1 year old.  I can sit here today and smile on all of your big girl accomplishments and our fun memories.  Your growing up into such a beautiful little girl.  You went from being my tiny baby into my toddler, but I don't care how big you get cause you'll always be my baby.

I am so thankful that I've been given the opporunity to stay home with you and that I didn't miss a beat.  I am so proud of you.  You are a sweet, sassy, loving, independent mommy's girl!

Sweet    Independent    Mommy's Girl    Temper
Puffs    Fishies    Milk    Mac N Cheese
Babies    Standing Alone    Dancing    Books

Here's a little trip down memory lane

The day we came home from the hospital.  Kaylee meeting Keira for the 1st time



I looked foward to another year of milestones and fun memories.
Thank you for being such a good & easy going baby


LOVE, Mommy, Daddy & Sissy


  1. Happy 1st Birthday, Keira!!!

    I hope you guys have a wonderful day celebrating the birth of your precious baby girl:)

  2. Happy Birthday Keira!!


  3. Awww :-) This hits so close to baby is one MONTH now! haha I know the next 11 months are going to fly by. I loved your trip down memory lane, it's amazing how much they change in such a short time!

    PS Love your new header and layout! So fun and festive!

  4. 125 hours of labor?! i hurt.

    oh what a sweet sweet child though, happy birthday to your daughter!!!

    and i LOVE the x-mas theme on the blog!

  5. Happy Birthday, Keira!!

  6. Happy Birthday Keira! :) She is absolutely adorable!

    PS: LOVE your new blog layout and the Christmas pictures of the girls. :)

  7. Such a sweet post! Happy Birthday, Keira! They grow up too fast... :(

  8. Happy birthday Keira!

    I love the Christmas blog too! Blogger question from a's telling me I've uploaded so many pictures to my header and can't do anymore without paying. Do you know how it works to pay to be able to upload more? And is it expensive? Sorry, I see you change yours a lot and I love it so I thought I'd check with you :) Thanks!

  9. Happy birthday, Keira! She is the cutest girl! What a beautiful smile! :)