Monday, November 7, 2011

To the Dr we go again!

We were at the Dr last Tuesday to get Kaylee checked out for her #2 problem.  The dr said "oh she's just constipated, here's a Rx".  I gave her the medicine and both the dr and the pharmacist said it would take affect in one day.  Well today is day 7 and the last time she went #2 was Nov. 1st.  I gave it to her everyday and even upped the amount like the dr said and it nothing was working.

So I called the Dr first thing this morning so that I could take Kaylee in to be seen.  They had something at 9:30.  So I got the girls ready and we headed to the dr, Jason's mom met us there.  We got called back and the same dr as last week was the dr that was there today.  Well I wasn't please with her at all cause I felt like she was rushing me out.  Well today we get in there and I tell her what's going on and she's like well "did you give her more of the medicine like I told you"  I felt like she was trying to tell me that my kid isn't going #2 cause I wasn't giving her enough medicine.  Listen lady I just want my daughter to go #2 like normal.  So in the process of talking to her she's trying to rush me again.  She said she would write me a different Rx that my mom recommmended that I should ask for.  As I was talking to her she was like "ok ok ok" and then went to walk out...well Jason's mom jumped in and told her what was up.  Before she left I told the dr I wanted an xray done.

The dr agreed and wrote us up a paper to go get an xray done.
After our dr appt we headed to the hospital to get the xray done.
I was so proud of her, she did so good getting her xrays done.

We go back Friday morning to hear what the xrays say.
Hopefully on Friday we get some answers as to why this problem is happening and that the new medicine works its magic soon.  I feel so bad for her.  She has been complaining all day today that her bum hurts.  I have to put her in a diaper cause this new medicine is a laxative.  The other medicine was just a stool softner.  I was talking to my mom and my little brother is on the same medicine and my mom told me that she may not be able to control whether she goes #2 or not and to put a diaper on her.  It sucks cause she might make her revert back in her potty training BUT at this point I don't care.  I just want my baby to be back to normal and going #2 normal again.

Here's to hoping we get some answers on Friday!

* * * *

Day 7/30 days of Thankfulness
November 7th, 2011

I am thankful that by Friday we'll be able to get some answers to Kaylee's #2 problem.  I just want my kids to remain healthy and happy.  My kids are my world and making sure nothing is wrong with them is my main priority!


  1. Hope Kaylee is feeling better soon! We have Raya on Miralax (sp??) because with her picky diet she has some trouble too, but she's still never gone more than a couple days without going.


  2. Raya reacted fine to it. We have the powdered looking stuff and we put 1/2 a lid full in her sippy cup of water every day. My doctor said that it's not at all addictive/ she won't begin to rely on he said that technically she could have it daily for the rest of her life if she needed (but assuming she starts eating more fresh veggies and stuff she shouldn't need to obviously). It just helps keep her regular even on days when she eats lots of bread and cheese and other constipating things. Good luck!


  3. ah, Kaylee! i'm sorry sweet girl! i hope things get "movin" ASAP!

  4. Makes me so angry when I hear about doctors acting like this. I think its time to make a switch.

    I hope the new meds work and will be praying for your sweet girl to feel better and get some relief soon.

  5. oh goodness - I'm so sorry yall are going through all of this:( Poor Kaylee...I hope you guys get some answers on Friday and that in the mean time the new meds give her some relief!!! And shame on that doctor for acting that way..again!

  6. Poor Kaylee! I hope that she gets some relief soon! Good luck!

    I took my little one to the doctor on Friday and they told me to administer 1/2 a capful of miralax everyday until she goes every other day. The second day we had success! It was a miracle considering she normally goes once every 2 weeks!

  7. Aww, poor thing! I hope you get some answers on Friday. My niece Gianna has to use Mirolax too and it seems to help her. Either way, glad you got some xrays! Doctors can be so frustrating!