Monday, November 28, 2011

Keira's Birthday Party

Keira's birthday party was a great success.
It was so awesome to celebrate her first year with family & friends.
I still cant believe that my baby is ONE (well almost - real birthday is Nov. 29th)
Dispite not getting a nap at her normal time she was still my happy girl!

I did all of my baking and decorating on Friday.
It made things so much easier on me
Kaylee left on Friday around 3 to go to Grandma's house and spent the night
While the girls napped on Friday I was able to bake the cupcakes, bake Keira's big cupcake, make muddy buddies and make the rice krispies.  I was so glad that I decided to make everything the day before, it was a lot less stressful on me the day of her party.

After Keira went to bed, I started doing all of the decorating

Saturday morning Keira slept in till 9am.  Mommy on the other hand was up bright and early when daddy's alarm went off at 6am so that he could go downstairs to start the crock pot.  We decided that for food we were going to have a taco bar, so we made groud beef and in the crock pot made pork tenderloin (YUM).  It takes 6 hours in the crock pot, so we started it at 6 to have it ready for lunch at 12.  Jason's mom arrived at 11:30 with Kaylee so I could finish getting her ready.  I finally got the Keira dressed right as a bunch a people showed up.

I'm so mad that I didn't get a picture of our whole food set up.  But it was really good!
After everyone finished eating and talking for a little bit, we decided to do cake cause a few people had to leave.  So we logged onto Skype so that my mom and little brother could sing along with us.  It sucks that my parents weren't able to be here.  Keira didn't demolish her cake this time like she did when we took her smash cake pictures, but she still did make a mess!

After being finished with her cake, she had a quick sink bath and got dressed again.
We said good bye to a few friends and family that had to leave.
We then brought all the presents into the living room
I think by this point Keira was tired, she was so mellow and not really into opening her presents
She did want to play with every toy and didn't really care about opening the next gift, at one point she was getting upset and crawled away to go look at her toys, so mommy & kaylee opened the rest of her gifts.

After we opened gifts most of our families was about 3 and Keira was so ready for a nap, so I decided to put her down for a nap.  While Keira took her nap we opened all her gifts and Kaylee tested them all out for her.  Keira woke up and when we came downstairs and she got so excited when she saw all her presents unboxed!  She had a great time playing with all her new toys before going to bed!

All in all we had an awesome day


  1. Aww she is adorable!!! I love the looks on her face in the gift pics, she looks mesmerized!

  2. Great job! :) I love the theme and the smash cake!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE every single detail! You did awesome and it looks like little miss had a great time! Happy 1st Birthday Keira:)

  4. Looks great! All the little details, you did awesome!!! :)
    Happy 1st Birthday Keira!!! :)

  5. Wow Joeylee... everything was SO beautiful! Did you make the cupcake toppers yourself? I love the black, yellow, and white- especially on the food table. Keira's outfit was adorable, too. Good job girl!

  6. Oh my word everything looked SO CUTE! You did an amazing job! :-) I love the colors you darling! Her bow is adorable too!!!

  7. Everything turned out so great! She's lucky she had a big sister willing to help test out the toys ;-)


  8. Love everything! It all came out soo cute! You did a fabulous job!

    We are having Parkers party this are our babies 1??

    Happy 1st Birthday tomorrow Kiera!!

  9. Great job!! Everything looks awesome! I love the idea of a taco bar- how may people did that feed? We are doing bbq hamburgers but I love that idea and want to tuck it away for another year :) It looks like it went so well!
    We are doing a big cupcake for E too, can't wait!

    Happy Birthday sweet Keira!

  10. Looks like a great birthday party! Happy early birthday Keira! You did awesome with all the decorations! I'm stressing out about what to do for Kyla's party. I have over a month, but I need to get going! Did you make the little circles that you put in the cupcakes?

    Hope you have a great time on her actual birthday too :)

  11. OMGSH! I love everything. You did a great job! What an adorable party! :)