Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kaylee 31 months old

Miss Sassy Pants,

You turned 31 months on the 13th. Each day that passes it seems like you get a little more sassy!  There are times when you can be too sassy and you get yourself into trouble.  You've recently started talking back when your told to do things, which has landed you in timeout frequently.

Even though your sassy days there are times when your super sweet side comes out, which I love.  I love that you just walk up to me and say "I'm your best friend" it just melts my heart!  I love hearing it and I love hearing you tell me that you love me.  You are such a smarty little girl, sometimes I think to smart for your own good.

You are FULL of energy and talk non stop.  You love to be outside where you run around "super fast!".  Most of the time you play really nice with Keira, but there are times when you don't like to share or you rip toys out of her hands.  Sissy is at that age when you try to give her hugs she screams and tries to get away.  Sissy loves when you guys wrestle around, it makes her laugh.

You look forward to Monday's & Friday's cause you know those are the days you get to go to Grandma & Grandpa's house.  On Monday's you and sissy get to enjoy time with grandma & grandpa doing fun things.  Then on Friday you get to enjoy alone time with Grandma when you go over there by yourself, usually you end up spending the night.  It makes me happy that you enjoy going to Grandma's so much.  I'm glad you have a good time, I enjoy listening to your stories on what you did when you get back.

You love looking at your books and making up your own stories, it's so cute to listen to you.  You will grab a book and tell me to sit on the couch with you and you read me the story and then you want me to read the story to you.  I enjoy that time with you.

You can count to 20, you can count to 5 in spanish (thank you Dora), you can count to three in chinese (thank you Ni Hao Kai Lan).  You can take your clothes off by yourself and you've learned to put your own pants on (you still have trouble getting it over your booty).  You don't like me doing your hair at all, but always make sure that I put a bow in it when I'm done.

You've just learned to do a summersault all by yourself, which you are so proud of.  Now that you can do them you do them all the time.  I have to remind you to watch what your doing cause sometimes you hit sissy or hit your foot on a toy.

FAVORITE TOYS: picnick basket, your Toy Story dolls & books
FAVORITE FOOD: pizza, yogurt, salami, cheese and fish
FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: singing, playing outside and doing summersaults
MILESTONES: putting your own pants on & doing a summersault by yourself
HAND: right
HAIR: dirty blonde
EYE: blue
CLOTHES: 3T pants & shirts (panties 2T/3T)
WEIGHT: 27lbs (10-25%)
HEIGHT: 35" (10-25%) - your sister is 4.5" shorter than you!

You have brought me and your daddy such joy since I brought you home from the hospital which feels like so long ago.  I cant believe that in 5 months we will be celebrating your 3rd birthday.  You have already decided that you want a TOY STORY 3 theme for your party.  Mommy is going to get started sooner than later on making stuff for your party cause I want it to be perfect.

Thank you for making this Stay at home mom job so much fun and at times makes me want to run out and get a job.  But I will not take for granted all the wonderful time I've got to spend at home with you and your sister!  You guys make each day fun and exciting!

* * * * * * * * * *

I cant believe we only have 10 more days of our advant book calander to go
I think that you'll be sad once we're all done with the books.
It just means that we'll need to continue reading books each night before bed like we use to


9 days till we celebrate Christmas with Jason's mom, my dad & our little family


  1. such a big girl!!!

    and i hear you on the good days vs. bad days! earlier this week I told my husband, "maybe I should go full time!" hahaha that was obviously a bad day and then the next day was fun and back to "normal"

    gotta love crazy/dramatic girls!!

  2. Love the last pic of them together!

    Raya is really into summersaults now too--Sawyer showed her how one day. She is really crooked when she does them though LOL