Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend:Prepairing for Christmas & Good-bye's

On Saturday morning Jason's mom came to pick up the girls around 9am and bring them back around noon.  So while the girls were gone, Jason & I ran some errands.  We first stopped off at Starbucks for some coffee to warm us up cause it's been so cold these last few days.  We then went to Bed Bath & Beyond to get a potato masher cause we're doing Christmas Eve dinner at our dad and step mom are coming over and then presents.  After Bed Bath & Beyond we headed to the mall to the jewlrey store cause I though there might be a problem with my ring, the guy said nothing was wrong.  I thought something was wrong cause when you look at the ring once side looked shorter than the other.  The guy said there was nothing to worry about the ring was fine.  The sales guy then asked if we were looking at wedding bands and when the BIG day was....haha funny guy I'm not even engaged yet!!!!  EMBARASSING!  We left and went and got some lunch and then headed home cause the girls would be back soon.

The girls came home and took an awesome 4 hour nap....thank you grandma for wearing them out!  While the girls napped I wrapped some last minutre gifts that finally showed up in the mail and just relaxed.

Once the girls woke up I wanted to make salt dough ornaments.  So the hubs helped me by mixing the stuff and made the circles.  We did Kaylee's handprint and Keira's footprint.  They turned out so cute.  They were to heavy to stick on the tree, so they are proudly hanging on the wall.  I love them so much that I might leave them up all year!  I love looking at their little hand & foot prints.

After doing the ornaments the girls played with daddy while I made dinner.
We are continuing to read our books each night.
Some nights the girls don't want to read it but we do it anyways
Kaylee said last "books are almost done mama"
I told her once the books are all gone we get to open presents
She got so excited, I think the anticipation is killing her.  She sits by the tree and asks if she can open a present.  She is going to be in heaven this Christmas when she see's what she got.  I cant wait to see her face light up as she opens each of her gifts!


After the girls went to bed Jason & I talked about what "Santa" should bring Kaylee.  We talked about getting her a mini trampoline with a handle cause she loves to jump.  Every where we looked seemed to be sold out or we might risk it not being here in time!  So we decided against that and thought of something else.  On Sunday morning we got up ate breakfast, got the girls dressed and headed to Target to see if there might be something there that "Santa" could bring Kaylee.  We walked throught the $1 section to find some stocking stuffers and then headed to the toys.  We walked up and down the isles and Kaylee's face lite up with excitment when we walked down the Toy Story isle.  So we knew that "Santa" had to bring her something to do with Toy Story cause she is obsessed to say the least.  So we found the perfect gifts.  She picked them out and we put them back and daddy took her and walked around some more so that I could load the cart up and go pay without her seeing anything.  I met daddy out in the car and we headed home.  Oh she's going to be so happy when she see's her gifts.  We also got a few more things for Keira since she didn't really get a whole lot.   She was hard to buy for this year, she just had her birthday and she's at the age where she's not a baby but not quite big enough for bigger toys.

Once we got home we ate some lunch and today was the day that my little brother was moving to CO with my parents.  My dad had flown in on Thursday and he would be driving back with my little brother.  So before nap time they came over to get the last of my brother's stuff and to say good bye.  On Thursday night my dad had dropped off all the presents they had gotten for the girls since we wont see them this Christmas.  So the girls visited with papa for a little bit and Kaylee was telling him of course all about Buzz and Woody.  We then said our good byes and they headed out.


The girls then went down for a nap and I took that time to wrap their "santa" gifts and hide them upstairs and then I kicked my feet up to watch a movie.  Jason & my brother were working on my brother's truck in the garage.  Once the girls woke up it was down hill from there!

Keira has started teething again and has been drooling like CRAZY!  Enter in lots of crying and only wanting to be held.  But even when I hold her she still cried....from 3pm till 7 she pretty much whined and cried.  Enter in mommy's frusteration level raising!!!!

This is when I wish kids came with a manuel.  A manuel to tell me what to do when your teething 12 month old wont stop crying even after you've tried everything!  What do I do after I've given teething tablets, given her tylenol and giving her lots of loves!  It makes for a very stressful day on top of having a 2.5 year old testing her limits to see what she can get away with.  With mommy pmsing, having to listen to Keira cry and then have Kaylee sass back will send mommy right over the deep end!!!!

It was about 6:30 we were done with dinner, Keira was still crying and as we were looking for something to watch Jason came across that Toy Story 1 was on.  So we turned it on and Kaylee stopped what she was doing and was totally mezmorized by the TV.  Jason had gone upstairs to get Keira's pacifier and her blanket.  We sat in the recliner and I rocked her while Kaylee snuggled on the couch with daddy.  Keira finally settled down and it was quiet in the house once again.  The movie ended at 8 and then Toy Story 2 was coming on right after, so once the movie ended we had to quickly change the channel so that Kaylee wouln't get upset that she couldn't watch it cause she had to go to bed.  Well this kid is to smart cause she saw that the movie was coming on next, so she ended up getting upset anyways.  Daddy told her that we could watch Toy Story 2 tonight.  She cried and said ok and I took the girls to bed.  Jason & I went upstairs around 9:30 to go to bed, I was tired.

Only 5 more days till we celebrate Christmas Eve with family.
I cant wait and neither can the girls.  I find Keira by the tree trying to open presents!

PS- Kaylee has gone 3 days now with no binks at nap or bedtime.  She has done surprisingly well with the adjustment.  She will still ask for it and I tell her that she threw it away and she leaves it at that.  So proud of my big girl.  She is growing up into such a big girl with such attitude!



  1. LOVE those salt dough ornaments. & the picture of them watching toy story is so cute! I cant believe theres only 5 days til Christmas eve. I'm so excited & ready for Christmas, this year is going to be so fun! :)

  2. Oh my word those ornaments are so sweet!!! My parents have some like that from when I was little :-) Precious. I was a binky girl too ;-) Giving it up was hard! I'm not sure if Emma Claire will be a binky gal, time will tell!

    Love your new layout and header, not sure if I told you that yet or not...super cute!

  3. So cute! You did a wonderful job on the ornament! You should post how you made them =)

  4. Cute ornaments! I haven't done anything with Kyla yet. I need to include a project into Tot School this week I think.

    Kyla is teething too and has been so fussy and needy. She bawls when I go to the bathroom and just needs Mommy! I wish they'd all just come at once and we can get it all over with!

  5. Cute! I had planned to do those ornaments with the girls but never got around to it. Oh well, next year I guess! LOL

    Yay kaylee--keep up the good work on the paci!