Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Christmas Wish List

I'm linking up with Aly & Becky for Show me your Christmas Wish List
I thought this would be totally fun cause I have a lot of stuff on my wish list

What is on your wish list??

1. Dyson cordless vacuum (with the kids I definetly need one of these!)
2. I need these shoes (I'm obsessed with high heels, although I don't wear them often)
3. Coach Tote
4. Peacoat jacket from Aeropostale

5. A Chef (I hate cooking dinners it would be nice to have somone do it for me)
6. A family trip to Australia
7. The Cricut
8. A foyer table

9. New lens' for my camera would be awesome!


  1. AH! I didn't even know they had a cordless dyson. We've got the yellow one and love it...I would kill for a cordless though! I hope Santa brings you one :)

  2. me neither! cordless?! wowzers! ive been living in a hole...

    love those pumps

    and of course my favorite is number 9... oh what a dream come true if we could get all that!

  3. Love those heels!! So freakin sexy!! If I only could get myself to wear them more often lol

  4. sooo fun! I asked santa for a new canon rebel t3...lets hope he was listening!!!

  5. Love!!

    I need a new lens for my Canon so bad!!

  6. LOVING YOUR LIST...drooling over those lenses!!!