Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Enjoying the Small Things

ONE: Spending one on one time with my Little Miss
Kaylee spent the night at Grandma's last Friday night and I always enjoy the one on one time I get to spend with Keira.  We had a little accident that night, Keira was standing and fell and hit her head on the ground and she gave herself a big goose egg on her forehead.  My poor baby....she's gotten lots of snuggles!

TWO: Watching Keira play
The girl LOVES to read books.  She will take all the books out of the bin and look through all of them.  I often hear her laughing or growling, it is so cute!  Being able to stay home with my girls and watch them enjoy playing with their toys together or by themselves just makes my day.

THREE: Enjoying our advant book calander
I have really enjoyed the family time that we get each night opening our advant book calander.  Its the one time that we sit down on the couch together with no TV on, no crazyness, just quietness and snuggling while we read the books each night.  The girls know each night around 7:30 that it's time to open the book and read it.  Each morning Kaylee grabs a book from under the tree and sets it on the table.  She will then say "we have to wait for daddy to get home to open book & read it" We got a little behind so we read 3 books in one night  (Days 9-11)

FOUR: I love you's
When my 2.5 year old walks up to me and out of no where gives me a hug and says "I love you mommy".  It makes me want to cry cause it's just so sweet.  I love my girls and being able to have them tell me they love me just makes my life totally complete! 

FIVE: Christmas Time
I cant believe how fast this year has gone by and that we will be celebrating Christmas in 11 days.  Christmas is my favorite holiday.  I love decorating and all the new crafts that we've done this year.  Being able to spent time with family and seeing the joy from my kids makes it that much more fun.

SIX: Getting stuff at an amazing deal
Last week Becky over at From Mrs to Mama did a post about $1.00 monthly onesie stickers.  I knew that I needed to get these.   So I ordered the 13-24 months for Keira's second year.  I recieved a email saying that the stickers would be here in 7-14 business days.  Well I was surprised when I opened the mail yesterday to find my stickers!  YAY.  Thank you again Becky for sharing this awesome deal with all of us


  1. what! you already got yours? i haven't gotten mine, nor received an email confirmation!! what the heck!

    beautiful pictures! love the ornaments@

  2. Poor Keira :-( Brielle is constantly all beat up too!

  3. Love this post & I love those ornaments you made. :)

  4. Poor Keira! Now that E is mobile I have a feeling we're going to have all kinds of little accidents. That's so neat that you're doing the book advent calendar. We are definitely going to do it next year.

  5. Your girls are too sweet! Just stumbled upon your blog. I love it!

  6. I LOVE all your photos! So pretty!