Friday, March 16, 2012

I hope I don't have a BITER on my hands

I never thought I'd have to worry about my kid being a biter until the other night.
I've NEVER had to worry cause Kaylee had never biten anyone or even attempted to bite someone.
Until the other night......

The girls were playing nicely running around and playing cars.
Kaylee set up their tent they got inside and were playing, I could hear laughing and then they started fighting about something (I'm sure over a toy).  I'm telling them to play nicely and for Kaylee to give Keira the toy back if she took one from her. 

Then the next thing I hear is blood curdling scream and then Keira starts crying.
Not the same kinda cry as if Kaylee took something from her or hit her, this was a different cry.
I ripped the tent off of them and asked Kaylee what happened & if she hit sissy with a toy
She said "no mama, I bite her"
She was sent straight to time out after I scolded her telling her that we don't bite and that wasn't nice.

Before all this happened daddy had left to go get dinner
and he came back to crazy screaming in the house.
Wondering what the heck was going on!

I have no idea how she bit her but there was a bruise there right away.

I hope that after that incident I don't have to worry about her biting again!
This was the first time biting and I'm really hoping its the last.

UPDATE:  Its been 3 days since this happened and she hasn't done it since or even pretended.
I'm thinking that she meant to playfully bite her and actually bit her really hard instead.
Anyone ever have a problem with biting and how did you fix it??
Have a great St. Patrick's Day weekend
I'll be making dipped pretzels and oreos as a treat.
We're going to Jason's moms on Monday for St. Patty's Day dinner


  1. Harper went through a biting stage. We all just made sure that when she did it we grabbed her and looked right in her eyes and said in a deep stern voice "No biting!" and then they did a 1 minute timeout (holding her there) and then made her appologize.

    Since Kaylee's a lot older I would think that a stern "we do NOT bite" and being sent to time out would do it. Then she has to appologize afterwards. Good luck!

  2. Emma bit my mother in law one time. It never happened again, but I too was scared that she would do it again. We just told her very sternly that we don't bite and sent her to time out. Good luck, and hopefully she doesn't do it again

  3. My niece went through a biting stage too with her sister. I think it just took them some stern talks and timeouts and it didn't last long. Hopefully this was a one and done deal. Ahh, sisterly love :)

  4. Poor girl- no advice here, but hoping it's a one time thing for you.