Thursday, March 22, 2012

Enjoying our day outside

The girls woke up too early for me yesterday morning at 6:30 even before hearing the hubby's alarm go off.  They stayed in their room and played for an hour before I rolled out of bed and got them up to come downstairs.  We ate some breakfast and the girls played.  I was waiting for it to warm up outside a little bit before heading to the backyard to play on the swing set.  But by 10:30am Keira had become really cranky, rubbing her eyes and giving me the "night night" sign.  So I put her down for a nap and Kaylee put her coat and shoes on to head outside while sissy slept.

Where the swing set is set up it doesn't get much sun light so it was still pretty cold.  Kaylee swang on the swings before wanting to get off and go run around and chase the dog, draw with chalk and pretend to be a frog.  This kid cracks me up sometimes.  She came into my room this morning wearing one of Keira's sun hats and said "mom look at me I look like a dorks".  I we both enjoyed our time together just us.  We came inside and then went to check the mail before coming inside to relax and eat some lunch before Kaylee went down for a nap.  Maybe I can get a nap in too!

Both girls woke up around 2.  I didn't get my nap in that I wanted but I did get a lot of house cleaning done!  I brought the girls downstairs and I worked on sign language cards with Keira.  She can now say "airplane" and her new sign she can do is "grumpy".  After working on the cards the girls ate a little snack and then played in the playroom nicely together.  It's always so nice when they play together without fighting.

Side Note: I spoke to soon.  Kaylee just pushed Keira down!  AAAHHHHHHHH

** For other moms out there with more than one kid.  What do you do when one of your kids doesn't want to share?  Kaylee is driving me nuts with NOT wanting to share and she can get mean about it.  She'll yell and throw things and just get mad.  I've talked to her firmly and she's sat in time out a lot but none of that seems to be working.  Any advise??????

After the fight calmed down they went back to kinda playing nicely while I started dinner {lasagna}.  We had a house showing between 4-5.  I thought we were done with the showings according to the selling realator but she called over the weekend and said they didn't get any good offers and were going to keep showing it.  AWESOME!  They don't do showings until after 3:30 everyday and on the weekends its by appointments only.  I guess the longer it takes the longer we get to stay here and save money!

For the most part we had a really good day yesterday and I always enjoy my alone time with each of the girls.  Keira will get her alone time with mommy on Friday when Kaylee goes to spend the night at grandmas.


  1. Great pictures!!! Your girls are both so cute and Its nice to get one on one time with each of them. My daughter always says mom lets have a girls night lol!!

  2. Great pics! Im glad yall got outside for a minute! Cullen gets really stressed out about sharing too, especially since Bennett doesn't play 'right'. We have to do timeout, or he at least has to offer B a new toy before he takes the one he wants. We are working on it!

  3. Cute pics, sounds like a good day!

  4. Your girls are so cute!

    I love when mine play nicely together too...ahh! However, we also have those moments where sharing is SO hard, especially for my 3 year old. I have found that when I tell her we have to share and then give her a choice of two things she can share with her sister, that seems to work. If you figure out a great solution, please share! :)

  5. Oh, and I wanted to ask, are you guys trying to sell your house too?

  6. Love Kaylees jacket! Is it Columbia? I would like to get Emma one like it, she would love it! =)

    Glad you enjoyed your day! =)