Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kaylee's birthday preperations

With Kaylee's 3rd birthday 2 months away I'm getting all the last minute things all together.

* I have all the decor done, I made everything.

* We have the food and desserts all picked out.  Were doing hamburger and hot dogs, beans, fruit, french fries and salad.  For dessert were doing cupcake ice cream cones, cake pops, making rice crispies and then using a K cookie cutter to cut them out and then dip them in chocolate and then big marshmellows dipped in chocolate and then dipped in smashed graham crackers (like a smore).

* I have almost all of her party outfit made.

While surfing around on etsy yesterday I found 2 super cute headbands that I needed to get to go with Kaylee's outfits.  Her party is Toy Story theme and I made her outfit and decor to match but her outfit doesn't have toy story on it.  Here's a little sneak peek of her skirt, I still need to work on her shirt.  I made her fabric tutu skirt and her shirt will be a bib shirt.
these are the fabrics I used for her fabric tutu

Here are the two headbands that I ordered from this lady's etsy shop
Also this lady is offering 10% off if you like her facebook page.
(I wasn't paid to promote her shop, she just has really cute stuff)

I also ordered Kaylee this brown lace petti romper from Pout In Pink
I ordered it in brown cause Kaylee looks good in brown
I love pout in pink's stuff they have really afforadble and super cute stuff

My only concern right now is if were still going to be living in the house were in right now or if we'll have to move before her party.  Its got me really stressing out about it.  I'm already stressing out about moving with 2 young kids and this is just adding to my stress.

At the end of April we'll find a great spot to go get Kaylee's pictures taken.
I've been searching on pinterest to get picture ideas and have found some really cool ones that I want to do with Kaylee.  We take all our pictures ourselves, so sometimes it can be really tricky to get good ones.  But after doing it for almost 3 years I think I got it down now and can  get some good ones of Kaylee.  Here are some of my picture inspiration I hope to recreate with Kaylee.  I have a ton more but you get the idea.

I'll also be ordering her birthday present this week from us.
She is going to be so excited when she see's her doll house.
I think were going to have it all set up and have her open all her presents first and then bring in our present last.  We're gonna find her a small end table to stick her doll house on so it's not on the floor.  I might spray paint the table to match her doll house.  I love the doll house were getting her cause it has such bright colors and is just to cute.  Here's the doll house were getting her.  It's from

We've decided to do her party the weekend after her birthday cause Grandma Sid and Grandpa Denny will be in Germany and wont get back until May 14th (the day after her actual birthday) and then Uncle Patrick will be moving back home May 18th.  So we're gonna have her party May 20th.  Usually I have her birthdays start at 12 but I'm thinking of doing it later in the day, like around 3 or 4.  Then we'll eat dinner, do desserts and open gifts. 

I was thinking later so that both girls can take a nap and be happy at the party, but idk.
What do you think, should I stick with 12 or do it later in the day??  


  1. Her party is going to be great! You are amazing! Can't wait to see it all! How's Kona?

  2. Her party sounds fantastic! I've always done late afternoon parties, that way the option to nap is there. Plus, its always a a bit cooler late afternoon and I don't feel so bad with people going in and out with the A/C on!

  3. Cute! IN another month I hopefully will be motivated to think of Raya's birthday stuff LOL. I did get all her dollhouse stuff ordered yesterday though!

    On Saturdays we usually do parties starting around 4, and then serve supper. On Sundays we start around 11am and then serve lunch. I don't worry about Raya and naps anymore....she is fine skipping them if needed on days like that.

  4. Cannot wait to see pics of the party and the outfit you make!!!

  5. Can't wait to see pics of the party. You are going to do a wonderful job for her party. My girls parties always are late, I love to begin at 4.

  6. Wow! You are way ahead of me with the party planning, and Kennedy's is only 2 weeks away! Ha! Her party is at 2 pm. Not optimal, but that was the only option where we were having it. I like it in the morning or after rest time. It's all about happy, rested kids!

  7. Sounds like a plan ready to be executed! I bet she'll have such a great time!

  8. LOVE those fabrics...can't wait to see her outfit - I know it will be adorable! And thanks for the link to the headbands. They're adorable! Can't wait to see what you do for her picture too. Great inspiration, and your pictures are always amazing!