Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

We had a great Easter weekend spending time with family, watching the girls enjoy hunting for eggs and candy candy candy!  We have so much candy I might have to throw some away.

Friday we hung around the house and I got last minutes things together for the girls Easter baskets.  Kaylee left at 5 to go to grandmas for the night.  It was just Keira and mommy for the night.  Daddy and Uncle Josh headed over to a friends house and I opted to stay home cause it was almost Keira's bed time.  So I put Keira to bed at 8 and went in to work on her Easter outfit. (which she didn't end up wearing cause again it was to tight.  I need to go find a ruffle pattern, cause the one I'm using isn't working!).  At least she'll be able to wear the bib shirt I made.  I headed for bed around 11.

 * * * * *

Saturday morning I got a text from Grandma saying that Kaylee had been since 3:30 (oh boy) and she'd be bringing her home around 10.  Keira slept in till 8 and then we came down to eat some breakfast.  Daddy left cause he had to go run some errands.  My dad had called me Friday night to see if they could come over Saturday and dye some easter eggs with the girls.  After hearing from Sid that Kaylee was up that early I called my dad that morning and said how about we dye the eggs after nap cause Kaylee is going to NEED a nap today.  So I put the girls down at 11 and then hard boiled the eggs so they had plenty of time to cool.  Keira only took a short hour and 45 minute nap, NOT LONG ENOUGH.  She was VERY cranky and only wanted mommy to hold her.  Since it was so nice outside we headed outside to see what daddy and uncle josh were up to.  Keira saw the cat and the world was better again, she wanted down and was running around.  Kaylee finally woke up and daddy brought her outside while we waited for my dad to get there.  Once he showed up we hung out outside for a little bit longer before heading in to dye eggs cause Jason's dad would be over at 5 to drop off easter baskets for the girls and to take us out to dinner.

We all had a good time and the girls really enjoyed it.

After the egg dyeing I got the girls cleaned up and then dressed to go out to dinner.  Jeff arrived and gave the girls their easter baskets, after digging through them checking out their goodies we left and headed to the resturant.  We went to Chili's.  The girls were really good and even got some ice cream.  Kaylee got some ice cream cause she had a whole month of good pottying.  This potty chart is really working good for her.  We went the whole month with NO ACCIDENTS and she has even been telling us when she has to go #2.  YAY!!

After we got back from dinner my dad was still here so the girls visited with him for a little bit longer before we headed inside to relax and get ready for bed.  The girls went to bed at 8 so they were nice and rested for the BUSY day we had instore for Easter.

* * * *

Sunday I woke up at 7, we had to be at Jason's mom at 9 for breakfast.  So I got up and got myself all ready while the girls were still sleeping.  After I was all ready I brought all their clothes and stuff to do their hair upstairs cause we wanted to get pictures of them when they saw their baskets.  So I got Kaylee ready first and then Keira.  As we were getting ready to head downstairs Keira threw a HUGE fit, I'm not sure why either.  So Kaylee hurried down stairs while daddy was ready to capture pictures of her surprised face at seeing her basket.  After Keira saw her basket she was ok and wanted down to go check it out.  After they checked out their baskets I wanted to try and get a good picture of the both of them together, so I had daddy help.

After getting my cute picture of the girls I wanted we loaded them up and headed to Jason's moms.  We got there and Grandma met us in the front and the girls were so excited to see her.  We headed inside where right away Kaylee noticed all the eggs outside.  Breakfast wasn't ready yet so we got the girls' baskets and headed out to do the egg hunt.  Keira knew exactly what to do.  The girls had a lot of fun.

 We then headed back inside for the girls to play and finish cooking breakfast.  We all sat down and ate fried eggs (scrambled for the girls), hashbrowns, english muffins and bacon with orange juice.  So good.  After eating we cleared the table and grandma had an Easter present for the girls.  She got them the cutest outfits from Gymboree.  Kaylee LOVED her glasses.

Before we left Grandmas I wanted to get a family picture and grandma wanted a picture of them with the girls.  We got some cute ones, headed inside for a potty break and then went back out to feed the fish in the pond and just enjoy the beautiful weather.  Grandma brought out a net and Kaylee was pretending to fish.  We spent about 45 minutes or more by the pond before heading inside to clean up and head home for the girls to take a nap.  But before we made our way in Kaylee spotted some bees flying around these flowers.  Kaylee is not afraid of bugs at all (except big spiders).  She got really close to the bees and was saying "mommy look at the busy bees".

We then left grandmas and put the girls down for a nap when we got home cause we had two more stops to make for the day.  Daddy and I took a picture together before I could a little voice upstairs.  It had only been an hour and Kaylee was making noise up there.  That was not a long enough nap at all, so I told her to come downstairs and lay down cause I didn't want her waking up Keira.  So she came downstairs and ended up falling asleep in daddy's lap.  Mommy took a nap too.  LOL

Both girls then woke up from their nap so we did an outfit change cause it was hot out.  Aunt Alyssa got the girls their cute dresses for Easter.  We then headed to Jason's grandmas house for some more fun.  The girls enjoyed playing with their cousins, more egg hunting and didn't want to coroperate at all when it was time to take a grandkids/great grandkids picture.  We all had a great time though.

Keira & her cousin Elli


After taking this picture we said our good byes and made our way to our last stop.  Our final destination was my dads house.  We had a tri tip dinner with baked potatoes, corn, beans and this mushroom and onion to go onto of the tri tip.  It was good.  My dad got the girls the movie HOP.  So we watched that for a little bit and then went outside for a little bit and then came in cause it got to cold outside.  It was about 7 and I was more than ready to head home get the girls ready for bed and just have some down time.  I was tired from all the running around we did.  But we had a great Easter.

Here is a picture of Kaylee with ALL their easter stuff.  It was like we had a mini Christmas of Easter stuff and to think in a month we're going to be bringing more presents home from Kaylee's 3rd birthday!!

Hope everyone had a great Easter too!!


  1. Looks like a great weekend!
    The girls are sooo cute! :)

  2. Looks like fun! I really love Keira's yellow and navy dress :-)

  3. That last picture of Kaylee with all her "goodies" is cracking me up! So much fun. Glad you all had a wonderful Easter:)

  4. Oh my gosh, their faces in those last few pictures!!! HAHAHAHA! So cute!!!

    Looks like y'all had a great Easter!!!

  5. I love the look on Kaylee's face in the last pic, haha. So glad y'all had a good Easter, the girls looked adorable!

  6. great pictures, looks like a perfect weekend (aside from short naps, ugh I hate when that happens!)

  7. Look at all that Easter Stuff! =) I bet they had a blast! I was so disappointed, we didn't get to do an egg hunt outside this year. We woke up and it was snowing and then it rained the rest of the day. Glad you guys had great weather! =)

  8. Your girls always have the cutest hair! :)

  9. Looks like your girls totally made out on Easter....that last pic made me laugh:) Their dresses are adorable...I'm glad you guys had such a great weekend!!