Friday, April 27, 2012

Answers to your questions

So here are all the answers to your questions you had for me.
Thank you ladies for all your questions!

Tatiana from Living life and loving it asked...
1. If you could go anywhere and eat anything where and what would it be?
If I could go anywhere I would love to go to Australia.  That is on mine and hubby's bucket list.  A kid less vacation.  If I could eat anything it would have to be mexican food.  I love mexican food and could eat it all the time.

* * * * * *

Johannah from The Sirois Family asked...
1. What did you do before staying home? 
I use to work at an Endocrinologist office as the receptionist.  I worked there for about a year and a half before I found out I was pregnant with Kaylee and then got laid off.  Which was a scary time for us.  I went on unemployment for a little bit and then a little bit after having Kaylee I decided to start school.  I did all my schooling online to get my certificate in Early Childhood Development

2. Do you plan on having more kids?
I would love to have one more and have it be a BOY.  But I guess we'll have to see what the future holds.  We had talked about no more after having our girls but maybe I can talk the hubby into just one more!  LOL

* * * * * *

Kate from Daffodils asked...
1. How did you and Jason meet?
Jason and I met our senior year in High School.  A mutual friend introduced us.  His friend really liked me but I had eyes for Jason.  My friend and I hung out with Jason and his friend one night and he dropped off both of them and then dropped me off.  He asked me for my phone number and then called me once he got home and we talked on the phone for 3 hours.  Which to think about now I'm like what the heck did we talk about for so long!!  haha  After we both graduated he went off to Chico and while he was there we took a short break but still talking to each other almost everyday.  Once he got back from Chico we got back together a short time later and the rest is history.  In January of this year we celebrated 10 years together!!

2. Did you work before mommyhood?
see answer above from Johannah

* * * * * *

Ashley from The Childers Family asked...
1. What did you do before becoming a SAHM?
see above answer from Johanna

2. How did you learn to sew?
This year for my birthday I decided I wanted a sewing machine.  I use to have my mom sew all the girls things, but when she moved to CO it wasn't as easy.  So I talked to her about a good beginer sewing machine and in January of this year I got my sewing machine and pretty much taught myself how to sew.  I looked at a lot of tutorials and watched videos.  I love sewing now and it's getting easier.  My next attempt is going to be a bubble romper for Keira.  I've tried making Keira 2 pairs of ruffle pants and have FAILED on both (there were both too small)

* * * * * *

Shawna from Girls Just Wanna Have Fun asked...
1. If you could take a child free vacation where would you go?
We would love to go to Australia, Hawaii or some fun in Monterey CA
2. What family vacations are on your wish list, including the kids?
We have a family vacation planned in June to spend the week at the beach with Jason's parents.  I would like to take the girls to Disneyland when they get a little bigger.  I want to take the girls to the aquarium and maybe do some camping some where fun.

* * * * * *

Hanna an anyonmous writer asked...
1. Are you planning on having more kids?
see above answer from Johanna

2. How do you find the time to stay in shape?
I try to work out about 15-20 minutes a day 2-3 times a week while the girls take a nap.  I have a boot camp video that is broken down into 4 different 10 minute videos and I usually do that and then mix so pilates in there so that I don't get bored.

3. Where do you get your kids adorable clothes?
I get a lot of their clothes from Target, Carters or The Children's Place.  I usually like to shop for them when I have a coupon and can get more stuff for less money.  I like to shop the clearance rack.  It makes it nice that my youngest has been able to wear almost all of her older sister's clothes.

4. Are you planning to take the kids to Disneyworld?
I believe Disneyworld is in FL and I'm not sure if we'll be taking them anytime soon.  Maybe when their older.  I don't like rollercoasters at all so I don't know how much fun I would have.  We do want to take them to Disneyland when they get a little bit bigger.

* * * * * *

Annie from Santiago Twin Girls asked...
1. Can you share how to sew an applique?
What I do is cut out the pieces I want to use.  I like to use adhesive paper and stick down my applique so it's a little easier to sew.  After ironing it and I just sew it with a zig zag stich and I'm done.
2. Why doesn't Kaylee have earrings in?
Kaylee likes to take her earrings out often.  She has sensitive ears to fake jewlery so she can only wear sterling silver or gold.  I have to invest in more backs to her earrings cause she rips them out and then loses the backs.  Her ears are still pierced, I put the earrings in the holes to make sure there still open.  Hopefully she'll have her earrings back in soon

3. Are you planning to go back to work soon?
I do plan to go back to work I'm not sure when yet.  I was planning to go when both girls started school.  Kaylee should be starting school soon and Keira still has a little ways before school.  So we'll see what the future holds and when and if I'll ever go back to work.

* * * * * *

Melisa from Coffee Cream & the Caffine asked...
1. Yours girls are adorable, are they twins?
Thank you, no my girls are not twins.  They are 18.5 months apart.  My youngest is almost the same size as her sister so I can see why people might think their twins.


  1. aaww...this is so fun!! I love the questions and your answers:) I especially love hearing how people met!! I hope you guys have a great weekend:)

  2. Love your how we met story and yall should definitely come play in Monterey :)

  3. these are all very cute! I would love to learn how to sew but i don't think i have the patients and am to clumsy i would probably stitch my fingers to whatever i was tying to do!

    good luck!

  4. I was just thinking I need to ask my readers what they want to know too - great idea!

    I, too, have my mom sew EVERYTHING. Well, now with us moving way far away, I may just have to learn like you!

    I have thought back to when my hubs and I dated and talked on the phone for hours! Now, when we are kidless and go on dates, it seems we don't have much to say - ha!

  5. Is great to know you more.

    Thanks for answered my questions and for the tips.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. my girls use to take their earring backs out a lot, I started using "butterfly backs" for their earrings and it hasn't been a problem since :) Maybe those would help you guys?