Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Review

We had an awesome weekend
The weather was perfect and all the time I got to spend with my family was awesome!

Saturday morning for whatever reason the hubs woke up at 6:45 to early for the weekend.  I tried to go back to sleep but Miss Keira woke up about 20 minutes later.  So I brought her into our bed and we had a little snuggle time and then followed by a little wrestling with daddy.  I got ready for the day while daddy played with Keira.  I then got her clothes and we headed downstairs, we ate breakfast and then I got her ready.  We had 2 houses to go look at that day and the first house appt was at 10.

We looked out the house, which isn't going to work at all for us.  The house was pretty small and in the add it said 3 bedroom but really it was 2 bedrooms with a den (the den had NO doors or closet doors).  The backyard was trashed and the girls would probably not ever be able to play out there!  So we kindly said thank you and left and all agreed NO on that house.  We left there and were headed to the mall so that my brother could get some new sandals.  I got a call from Jason's mom saying that Kaylee was ready to come home.  So we turned around and met them at the church. (They all went to a 1st communion for someone that Jason's parents know).  Sid said Kaylee got excited seeing all the girls in their pretty white dresses and was excited to wear her pretty dress in the wedding on Saturday.

We then left and said our good byes and headed to the mall.  My brother found some sandals and then we walked down to Target and the girls got some matching sandals.  We then left and headed home to eat some lunch before heading to look at the next house at 1pm.  I got a call from the guy saying that we could come look at the house early, so we loaded up and went to the house.  This house was much nicer and actually had 3 bedrooms, the rooms were actually really big.  It had a nice big kitchen area and backyard.  We're waiting to hear back from this property management place on this house that we really want, but the lady isn't returning my calls.  So if we don't hear from the place by tomorrow then were going to try for the 2nd house we saw.  I'm just hoping we can find a house soon cause were slowly running out of time!  After we got back looking at the house the put the girls down for their nap and then jason and my brother left to go take the boat out and test some stuff out that got changed before he loaded the girls on it for our Sunday boating adventure.


After the girls woke up from their nap we headed outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and they ran around for about an hour before I looked at my phone and realized that it was 6 and the boys weren't home and it was time for dinner.  I called to see where they were and they were still out, so the girls and I headed to In N Out for dinner!  We ate dinner, watched a movie and then the girls went to bed.

 Sunday we all slept in till about 7:30 and this is what Kaylee looked like when she got up.  On Saturday I noticed that by her eye it was red and under her eye kinda looked like she got punched.  On Sunday she woke up with it all swollen and when she came into our room, I noticed it right away.

I called Jason's mom and asked her if Kaylee had rolled around on her grass, her skin doesn't like her makes her itch and break out in little bumps.  She said that they ate pizza outside on Friday night and played some baseball but she didn't roll around in the grass.  After being outside they came in and took a bath.  She said she noticed on Saturday morning that she had 2 little bumps under her eye when she woke up like from a spider bite.  After talking to her we put some ice on it and just watched it.  The girls went down for a nap early and Jason and I headed to the store to get some snacks and drinks for when we went out on the boat.  We then went over to Target so that I could get some sunscreen and benadryl.

Once the girls woke up we loaded everything thing up and went to pick up the boat.  We loaded up in the boat and headed out for some fun on the water.  We all had a great time and cant wait to go out more this summer!  We boated for about 3 hours before heading back in.  We dropped the boat back off and then headed home, we ordered pizza for dinner.  We ate and then put the girls down for the night.  I curled up on the couch and actually fell asleep early at like 9:30...haha

We had an awesome weekend and next weekend should be just as fun!
Happy Monday!

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  1. aw, poor Kaylee's eye!! It does look like some sort of bug bite.

    Good luck with the house hunt!

  2. Poor Kaylee! Hope her eye is better and that otherwise, yall had a great weekend!

  3. aw sweet girl! no fun!

    looks like a fun weekend otherwise :)

  4. Goodness I hope her eye is getting better! Poor baby! I love that first pic of both girls!! So sweet!!!

  5. The pics of the girls are adorable!! Poor baby and her eye! HOpe it feels better :)

    ps I LOVE Kaylees bday outfit in your previous post! GO MAMA you rock