Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Fun

Friday - we spent pretty much our day inside due to it raining.  So when I looked at the weekend forecast and saw that it was going to be beautiful I knew that we wouldn't be spending our weekend indoors at all!  We watched movies and just hung out.  I enjoyed a nice long nap while the girls napped, I don't know why I was tired.  But once the girls woke up I got Kaylee ready to go to grandma's for the night.  Once Kaylee left usually Keira and I have our mommy and daughter time.  We like to snuggle and read books.  We had dinner and read some more books before she headed for bed and I snuggled up on the couch to watch some TV.  While watching TV I passed out on the couch...LOL  I was able to find a bounce house for Kaylee's party, which she is going to love.  I'm gonna talk with the hubby and see about maybe renting a machine to make snow cones, how fun right?!

Saturday - We all slept in till 8 which was AWESOME!  I heard mommy screams coming from Keira so I got up and went in and got her to bring her back into our room.  We all snuggled in bed for a little bit before getting up to head downstairs to eat some breakfast.  Daddy had to leave to go help his dad do something so it just Keira and I until sissy got home.  I got a text from grandma saying they'd be here around 10.  So sissy and I watched some TV, played chase around the house, snuggled and of course read more books.  Sissy finally got home around 10:30 and grandma filled me on their fun time they had.  She got up at 5 which meant an early nap for her.  So both girls went down for naps at 11 and mommy got some alone time to work on Kaylee's birthday shirt which is almost finished.  I'm hoping to go take her pictures next weekend, that will give me a month to edit them and make her invite.  Keira woke up from her nap first so she helped me take some garbage out and we hung out outside for a little bit while we waited for sissy to wake up.  It was beautiful outside!  Sissy finally woke up and I got the girls dressed and we headed out to WalMart, I needed to pick up a few things.  I told the girls if they were good that when we got back we would blow bubbles and play outside.  Well they were on their best behavior.  Once we got back I brought all the stuff inside and we headed out where I swang my arm back and forth and bubbles scattered our yard.  The girls were having a great ol' time chasing the bubbles around.  We went through one and half bottles of bubbles before I was like ok mommy is done.  So we played chalk and ran around while we waited for daddy to get home.  Once daddy got home it was his turn to play with the girls while I took a short break.  Of course they convinced daddy to do more bubbles!  I had totally forgot all about taking anything out for dinner so all our meat was frozen and I wasn't really feeling like stir fry so at 7:15 Jason went to pick up some mexican burritos for dinner.  The girls had hot dog, string cheese and fruit.  After eating they relaxed for a little bit and they headed for bed.  I watched a little TV before again falling asleep on the couch.

Sunday - I talked to my mom on Friday afternoon and she informed me that we 6-8 weeks until we have to be out of this house....AWESOME!  I hate packing...I hate moving and all that comes with it.  It makes it that much harder when you have 2 young kids.  Once my mom informed of this news I sat down and the computer and searched for some rentals in our area.  I found quite a few, so this morning we got up and got dressed ate some breakfast and headed out to look at the house I had found.  Out of the 8 we went to look at we like 2.  So we're going to set up appts with the people sometime this week to go look at the inside of these houses.  After we got back from house hunting the boys went straight to work working on my brother's truck.  The girls and I hung out outside playing.  Kaylee decided she wanted to go for a walk, so I got out sissy's stroller and we walked around our court at least 10 times before it was time to have a little lunch and then for the girls to go down for their nap.

While I was eating my lunch outside with the boys enjoying the awesomly beautiful weather we were having I got a text from our breeder saying "I have someone coming to look at the puppies and Kona at 2 but after that you can come get her today"!  YAY so after the girls woke up from their nap we loaded them up in the car and headed to Stockton to get our Kona.  She's been gone for what seems like forever, so we're glad to have her back!  We got to the breeders and visited with the puppies they were SO cute.  I wanted to take one home!  She also had the cutest 10lb mini pinscher, I really wanted to take him home!!

Once we got home it was a BBQing type of night so Jason fired up the grill and I chopped up chicken and a bunch of veggies to make chicken kabobs with white rice.  Ahhhh they were so good.  I think I need to have them on the menu more often.

While daddy BBQed the kabobs the girls and I hung out in the backyard with him and the dogs, soaking up all the wonderful sunshine we had gotten over the weekend.  The rest of the week into the weekend will be in the upper 70s and I cant wait!!!  This means we get to get out of the house and go to the park, go for a walk or just walk around the mall.  Have a great week!!


  1. It looks like you guys had a great weekend! The weather looked beautiful! I love the pictures of the girls sitting on the lawn with their little snack. The weather here today is great too, in the 70's...but Emma is with my parents and I have to work tonight. Kinda stinks! Oh and the puppies are sooooo cute!!! =)

  2. Oh those puppies are so cute!!! I'm glad y'all had such a great weekend! A bounce house sounds so fun! And snow cones are awesomely yummy! I'm glad Davae was born in the spring so her birthday parties can be fun outside activities. Carleigh's birthday is hard to plan fun things for since it's in December.

  3. Cute pics!

    It looks like Keira's hair is really starting to lighten up to me!

    I'm probably the only person on the planet that hates snowcones haha---but the bounce house sounds like a blast! We don't have nearly enough party guests to justify anything like that, but I'd definitely rent one if we did!!

  4. Ah the puppies are so cute! Glad you have Kona back!! How is she? Looks like a GREAT weekend!! Kiera's hair is getting so long, so cute!