Monday, April 30, 2012

Keira 17 months old

Keira Alexis,

You turned 17 months old yesterday and are now only a month away from being a year in half.  Do you know what the means, it means there's 7 months until you turn 2. (instert mommy crying histerically) You are growing so fast and learning so much on a daily basis.  You have such a funny little personality but can also be so loving when you want to be.  Being your mommy has been such a joy and I am so thankful that god chose me to be your mommy.   Thank you for being such a great baby or should I say toddler (insert more crying cause your not my little baby anymore). 

Weight: 23lbs (34%) (guessing)
Height: 32.5" (80%)
Clothes: 18-24 months
Shoes: 4
Diaper: size 4
Teeth: 12
Hair: light brown with curls in the back
Eyes: blue

SLEEPING:  you are such a good sleeper.  you take one 3-3.5 hour nap a day and your always such a happy girl when you wake up.  You go to bed each night between 8 & 8:15 there are some nights that you wake up when you cant find your binks but usually put yourself right back to sleep.  You wake up around 7-7:30 each morning and then go down for your nap at 12.
EATING:  OMG kid I have no idea whenre you put all the food you eat.  You LOVE to eat thats for sure.  I have ONE thing that your will not eat....ONIONS, you don't like onions.  But other than that you will eat anything.  I wish your sister was the same way. You eat breakfast, 2 hours later you eat a small snack, then eat lunch, take a nap and eat a small snack when you wake up and then eat dinner.  I think there are times when you eat more than mommy.

You love bath time.  When you go to Grandma's on Mondays, you and sissy take a bath with Grandma.  The rest of the week you take one on Wednesday and Friday nights with sissy.  You guys have a great time splashing in the tub together or sometimes the sink.  Sissy likes to pour water on your head over and over which sometimes pisses you off, but I will give it to you for trying to do it back to sissy.  LOL.  You have a few bath toys but you and sissy only seem to play with the 2 cups that I use to rinse your hair with.

* New words that you've learned this month: MMM THAT GOOD, WHATS THIS, BUG, BUBBLES, TOP IT (stop it), GET DOWN, WA WA (water), ALL DONE, HI JUSTIN, I DONT KNOW, UH OH.  This month you've seem to just take off with new words and talking.  You still talk in your jibberish and when you get mad at sissy its yelling jibberish. 
* You are totally fearless.  You will try anything and not care whether you get hurt or not.  We went out on the boat last weekend and we let you play in the water and you would just run out into the water not caring if your face went under or not.  Daddy was right there with you but you kept going back for me.  You want to copy everything that sissy does and I mean everything.

* You are still obsessed with dancing.  You dance to any kind of music and baby has got some skills.  You can shack what your mama gave you, you have rythum.  Dance classes are in your future for sure.

* When the CARS movie come on you become like in a trance and don't move.  It's so funny to watch.  I have to walk up to you and block the TV so you listen to me.  Crazy kid.

* You HATE when Kaylee leaves on Fridays and you have to stay here!  It usually ends up with you screaming and crying calling for Grandma saying "me me me".  It's sad, usually you will stop crying once grandma says bye.  Usually you will blow kisses and wave but there are some Fridays when you so pissed you don't want to do either.  But grandma said after sissy's birthday party she is going to start taking just you!  Which I know you will love!

* You LOVE to walk around with your babies all the time.  We have like 5 different babies that you like to walk around with and pretend to give them some of your juice or your food.  It is the cutest thing to watch.

* You like to color on the easel with the chalk.  You are starting to like coloring with crayons.  I do have to watch you cause you like to eat the crayons sometimes.

* You got a Dancing Dog for your birthday and you've haven't played with it at all until a couple days ago.  You and sissy have become slightly obsessed with this dog and dancing along with it.  Its so cute to watch the two of you play nicely together, cause sometimes it doesn't happen much!

* You attended your very first wedding.  Daddy's brother Antheney was getting married.  So now your first auntie!!  YAY! You did really well at the wedding for being there from 2:45-9:30.  Mommy is proud of how good you were!

* You've started testing your boundries a little bit this month to see how far you can go before getting told NO.  You are a good listener for a 17 month old but there are times when you like to ignore mommy and run off thinking it's funny.

* You have been doing so good with your signing as well.  You can sign: ALL DONE, MORE, EAT, MILK, NIGHT NIGHT, GRUMPY AND EXCITED

* We are learning animal noises and the animals you know are: MONKEY, PIG, COW, DUCK, CAT, DOG, SNACK AND BEE.

* You don't like to get your diaper changed.  She knows when it's time, when I open the closet door she takes off running and tries to hide.  You also do this sometimes when it's time to get dressed.

* You still take binks only at nap and bedtime.  There are a few times when you get other than that.  Like when your molars were coming in, the binks helped sooth you.  But other than sleeping time you don't get it.  I'm not sure when we'll take it away but probably after you turn 2 we'll wean you off it.  That's when we weaned sissy.

* You love to watch cartoons in the morning.  Some of your favorites are: SPONGEBOB, BUBBLE GUPPIES, MIKE THE KNIGHT AND YO GABBA GABBA
* We want to transition you to a big girl bed soon.  We moved sissy to a big girl bed at 19 months but we might wait a little longer for Little Miss cause right now she's not ready.  We tried one night playing around, put Keira in bed with Kaylee turned the light off and went out the door to see what she would do, she got right up and wanted to play.

* You sissy are off and on.  One minute you guys are nice as can be to eachother and then the next minute you guys are fighting and screaming at eachother.  Oh it drives mommy crazy when you guys fight and don't get along!  Lately we've had more not getting along than getting along.  Mommy is hoping that once we move that that will change!  Fingers crossed.

* You are a total mama's girl and sometimes wont even go to daddy even when mommy needs a much needed break!  Mommy cant walk out of your sight without you calling for me and going to look where I am.  You do get really excited everyday when daddy gets home from work.  Its so cute.

* Your hair is getting so long and I love the curls in the back.  I have to trim the front of your hair quit often cause it grows so quickly!  Right now it looks like a baby mullet when your not wearing anything in your hair.

* You still LOVE your books.  You might be my little book worm in the family.  You like to carry your little books to your chair and will read them.

 the girls @ 17 months old
What do you think, do they look alike?


  1. She is so sweet. Her eyes are amazing!!! You should be a very proud mama!

  2. Pretty girl! I love her little curls:) Happy 17th months!

  3. She is SO adorable, Joeylee!!!

    And, no, we don't find out what we are having, so we are almost half way there to knowing! :)

  4. She is a total cutie what big beautiful eyes

    Hanna M

  5. Great pictures---happy 17 months! I don't think they look a ton alike--they definitely look related, but have their own distinct looks! :-)

  6. Happy 17 months Keira! She is so beautiful and I am so jealous of the amount of hair she has. Carleigh has a mullet look going on too, but her hair is nowhere near as think and pretty as Keira's!

  7. aawww...these pictures of keira are SO beautiful...what a doll;) Addie just loves her baby dolls too and it melts my heart to see her play momma to them!!! I just love the way you describe Keira's little personality...sounds like such a sweet girl...but one that won't be pushed around:)

    Happy 17 months, Keira!!!

  8. This post is just awesome!! Miss Keira is such a beauty :) I always love her cute little outfits!! Happy 17 Months :)

  9. Gorgeous baby girl!! She is seriously getting sooo big!!

    I think the girls look similar, but definitely have their own look too :)

    PS glad the wedding was fun this weekend! You all looked awesome!!

  10. Sweet post with great pictures. Interesting how similar, yet so different, the two girls look at this age.

    It's such a fun one! Happy 17th K!

  11. so cute!!! Keira is so stinkin' cute!!! :) :)
    well both kiddos are actually :)