Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We're Moving!

When my parents moved to CO a year and 4 months ago we decided to move into their house.
It has been a great year and 4 months, we've had a lot of fun swimming in the pool (which I think is the one thing we'll miss most about this house) and all the room.  Living here has let us save up money cause our rent was next to nothing, which I thank my parents for. 

But in February 2012 my parents informed us that the house was going on the market in a short sale and to prepair ourselves that we might have to move soon.  We had hoped this year after doing our taxes we'd be able to buy a house but things didn't work out like we planned.  We had a lot of showings and got the call in April that we should start looking for a new place, she informed us we had to be out by the end of May.

So after hearing we needed to start looking I went onto craigslist and started my search.  Our search wasn't like any regular search we needed to find a house that had a big driveway and RV access.  Which let me tell you is hard to find!  I was able to find 4 houses.  2 through a property management and 2 through private party.  The 2 through the property management didn't work out at all and the one private party had the house listed as a 3 bedroom when really it was a 2 bedroom with a den (the den had no doors).  So finally we went and looked at one more house hoping this would be the one!

So we did our walk through, it had a good size living room and kitchen.  All of the bedrooms were really good size, the master is just a little bigger than the other 2 rooms. I am excited that the girls bathroom doesn't have doors on it and it will need a shower curtain.  It will make it so much easier to do bath time.  So after looking at this house we were waiting to hear back from a lady on a house that we found that we really wanted but she ended up finally emailing me back saying it had been rented.  So we got in contact with the people to tell them we had sent them over our applications.  He called the next day saying that he got our applications and he was going to review them with his partner and let us know their decision by tomorrow afternoon. (I guess they had 2 other applications).  Well we got a call later that night saying that we got the house.

I cant tell you how happy I was to hear we got it because having to start over was going to stress me out.  It took almsot 3 weeks just to find this house and I really didn't want to start looking again!
So since today is May 1st we have this whole month to slowly start moving stuff over.  We have a lot of stuff.  Since we will be downsizing the girls room with also be their playroom.  So I'm glad it's a big room.  The girls are also getting new big girl beds with semi matching bedding.  I cant wait to start decorating their room.  On top of moving we have a lot going on this month....Jason is dropping his parents off at the airport tonight cause they'll be in Germany for the next 2 weeks, we have a party to go to for Jason's dads birthday this weekend, the following weekend is Mother's Day and Kaylee's actually birthday (her birthday is on Mother's Day this year), the following weekend (the 20th) is Kaylee's birthday party and then the following week we need to be out and my parents will be here for a visit May 29 - June 2nd. 

Here is our new house for the next year.  After our lease is up we plan to buy our first house!
I didn't get a picture of the front of the house, there were a lot of neighbors out this morning and I didn't want them to think I was some crazy person...haha
(Side Note: all these pictures were taken before the carpets were cleaned later that same day & it looks so much better)
I'll take after pictures and show before and after pictures once we have everything set up and decorated!  We decided to let my brother have the master cause its not much bigger than our room and it only has a stand up shower, so it will be easier to have the other bathroom for us and the girls!

Living Room


Mine & Jason's room

The girls/our bathroom

The Girls Room

My Brother's Room

My Brother's Bathroom


* * * * * * *
Also I'm trying to think of something fun and special we can do for Mother's Day/Kaylee's Birthday.  I'm thinking more so something fun for her.  I was thinking of maybe going to the zoo, but my hubby doesn't really like the zoo...he's weird!

Any other ideas you ladies might have that is something fun to do as a family of 4 or maybe 5 if my brother tags along with us would be much appriciated!


  1. Yay! The backyard is really cute...I can see the girls having lots of fun back there! :-)

    No suggestions for Mother's day....I decided that my mother's day "gift" is that I'm taking the girls out for a girls only day with Mama, and Lee is staying home and completing a very lengthy to-do list of all the things I dreamt up that I wanted him to do/clean/fix around the house and yard LOL :-)

  2. (Third time trying to leave a comment. Idk what's going on! You will have to delete my other comments if they show up - haha!)

    Just wanted to say congrats on the new house! Love the fenced in backyard; that will be nice for the girls!

    Maybe a park/picnic day??

  3. So happy you guys found a new house! I love the backyard! I see a lot of fun things happening back there in the near future!!

  4. yay, how exciting! Congratulations! I love the pergola in the back!

  5. Ooooo I like Shawnas idea! I might do the same thing and have a mommy date/husband errand type day!! BUT since it's Kaylees bday, you probably want to have hubby there. So maybe look around online for stuff to do that day? Zoo, museum, movie, picnic in the park, etc!!

    And the house? LOVE!! Cant wait to see how it looks with all your stuff in it!! The backyard is perfect for the girls too!