Monday, May 21, 2012

Kaylee's Toy Story Birthday Bash


On Saturday afternoon the day before Kaylee's birthday bash we headed over to Jason's moms with decorations in hand to set up for the big day.  The girls watched a movie while grandma and I decorated inside and daddy helped uncle Patrick clean up outside.  After cleaning and getting all the decor set up we headed home, the girls were very much ready for a nap!  While they napped I made out my shopping list of all the food and drinks we would need for Sunday.  Once the girls woke up we headed to the store and then ordered pizza for dinner.   After the girls went to bed I got working on BAKING, I made the ice cream cone cupcakes (thank you pinterest) and the cake pops.  I was finally done and was so ready for bed at 11:15.

I guess I was excited for all the excitment of the day because I was awake at 5:30, I told myself you need to go back to sleep cause today is going to be a long day.  I fell back asleep till 7:15 when I knew it was time to wake up and get everyone ready for the day and also to surprise Kaylee with the gift we got her.  We got her a doll house for her birthday, which she ABSOLUTELY loved!!

So the girls played with the dollhouse while mommy & daddy got ready.  Once we were done I got Kaylee ready while daddy got Keira dressed.  We then loaded up all the stuff we would need to take to grandma's house.  That morning I needed to frost both the cupcakes and the marshellows.  Once we got to grandma's the guys were outside setting up the bounce house, so the girls stood at the door in ahhh and were more than ready to go outside and jump.  We got to grandma's around 9:15am and the party was due to start at 11am.  I was finished decorating the dessert and setting it all up I took all my decor pictures before everyone got there. (all decor details will be at the end of this post).


After I was all finished, I decided since the girls waited so patiently to go outside that we would go jump in the bounce house and have some fun before everyone arrived.  They LOVED it!!  Mommy got in there and bounced a little bit too.

  Kaylee decided since they didn't have a Toy Story bounce house t
hat she wanted a CARS one instead

LOVING this picture of them!

After bouncing for a little bit Grandpa wanted to give Kaylee the gift he had been working on for a couple days prior to the party.  He build something that would hold the girls swings and the tire swing.  Both the girls and the dog loved the swings (yes grandma's dog rides on the tire swing).  So we swang for awhile before moving back into the bounce house to jump with grandma and then take an apple juice break!

After our juice break more guests started arriving and back into the bounce house Kaylee and her 2nd cousin Scarlett went to have some fun.  By now it's getting hot outside and everytime they would come out of the bounce they would be so red and super sweaty!  ICKY!

    from left: great grandma Alice, Grandpa, Great Grandpa Dennis & Uncle Patrick

    more guests from left: Jen (the back of her), Justin, Mike, step mom Teresa & my dad

Its about 12:15 by now so I set up the pack n play for Keira in grandma's room and lay her down to take a nap.  It was also time for everyone to come inside and get lunch.  So for about 45 minutes or so it was loud in the house and Keira could hear everyone and she was not having her nap at all.  It took her a good hour and 15 minutes before she finally fell asleep.  After eating some lunch and waiting 30 minutes all the kids put on their swim suits for some swimming!

I've taken this same picture every year on her birthday with daddy.  If I had my hard drive unpacked I make a little collage.  I can see how much she's grown cause she use to have to look up to daddy and now she's taller than him.

Kaylee with my dad

The kids had a great time swimming and around 3 we headed inside to OPEN PRESENTS. During this time Keira was still taking a nap, so she was missing out on everything!  But I am glad that she got to nap cause she would have been a stinker if she didn't!  Kaylee has a few presents that are on their way.  Jason's dad got her a new bed that will be here on Wednesday and Jason's grandma got her a mattress to go with it.  She got over a $100 in money so we'll be going shopping for some more summer clothes/sandals and some toys that she wants.

Once we opened all the presents it was time to grab dessert and to head back outside to eat it so that the little kids didn't make a mess with the green & blue frosting.  So the kids picked their dessert and headed outside to eat it.  Kaylee had 2 cake pops and later had a cupcake!  Little piggy, but hey your birthday only comes around once a year so might as well enjoy every minute of it, right!?!  She kept telling me through out the day "MOM THIS IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!" After dessert it was back into the bounce house and this time daddy and uncle Josh were in there with all the little kids acting like little kids themselves.  Before getting to hot and heading back to swim some more before people started leaving.

After all the guests left around 4 Keira decided to wake up.  She had a little snack before we headed outside to clean up and jump a little more before the bounce house left.  Once we finished cleaning up I looked outside and noticed that the sky got really ugly looking and Jason's mom said that the eclipse was happening.  We looked at the newspaper just in time to find out that we had 2 minutes before it hit where we were in CA.  Jason got the welding mask and we all took a look, it was pretty cool.  We then loaded everything into the car and made our way home to figure out what we were doing for dinner.  We had a late Jack in the Box dinner and at 8:15 the girls were in bed.  We soon followed.

I just want to thank everyone who came out to help us celebrate Kaylee's birthday.  She had a blast and I know that having everyone there just made it that much more special.  As far as all the party decor I pretty much made all of it.  I made all the desserts on the thing I bought was the little bins that the cake pops sat in at Target in the $1.00 bin a couple months ago.  This was by far the best time we've had a the girls' birthday parties, not that any other time wasn't as fun but I think as the girls get older their parites will become more fun!  Thank you again everyone!!!

Now on to finish moving the rest of our stuff out of our other house and wait for the arrival of my parents.  My parents and little brothers are coming for a visit from CO on May 29th to June 2nd.  Should be a good time!


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