Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I've been the worst blogger!

* I know it's totally unlike me to go days and days without posting, but I have a good excuse.
We've been finishing up moving and cleaning our old house and trying to get all settled into our new house.  We have been living at our new house for almost 3 weeks and it has been great.  Just lots of unpacking and trying to get thing organized.  This house is a lot smaller than our old house so trying to find a place for everything has been a little challenging but we're making it work!

* I haven't picked up my good camera in what seems like forever.
I picked it up to take pictures of the girls having some chalk fun but that was almost a week ago.
I attempted to take Keira's 18 month pictures yesterday but she wasn't having it at all.  But Kaylee was in the mood to take some pictures and I was able to get some cute ones of her!
Her 18 month post will come tomorrow after her & Kaylee's check ups.
I had a dr appt yesterday and Kaylee wanted to get weighed and my skinny girl on weighs 29lbs!
I'm not sure why she doesn't weigh more cause the kid grazes all day and for the most part eats all her dinner.  But she's always running or doing something, so I guess she has a high matabalizm.

* After 2 weeks of having cable and only being able to watch movies off of our computer, daddy finally ran the cable to the TV so that we can now watch TV.  YAY, which means I get the computer back and its not being occupied by movies all day long.

* We are excited and counting down the days till we are on our week beach vacation with Jason's parents.  We are going to Capitola CA and our hotel is right on the beach.  We're going Monday - Friday and grandma has a lot of fun things planned for us to do.  One of the days we are taking the girls to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for the 1st time, so I'm excited and so is Kaylee.  We'll also be heading over to the Santa Cruz (a short 10 min drive) to the boardwalk (were gonna go at night when everything is all lit up).  She has some other stuff planned and then lots of time on the beach and maybe in the water depending on how brave the girls are!

Capitola, CA

Santa Cruz Boardwalk, CA

* My parents arrived in CA last night and will be here till Saturday.  They are finishing up the stuff for the sale of their house.  My mom and little brother are coming over today after nap time to play.  Its been a couple months since we've last seem them, so it will be nice.  So there will be a post about our visit with them today probably tomorrow.  This weekend we will be busy again, we have to go back to our old house and make some dump loads, the boys have metal to recycle and I have A LOT of stuff to go to Goodwill.  Hopefully we can get that all done in one day so that we can have a fun day cause its suppose to be close to 90 this weekend so we might be going out on the boat to cool off!  The girls love going on the boat and going fast.

* Up coming posts:
- Our visit with Mimi and Uncle Justin (Thursday 5-31-12)
- Keira's 18 month post (Friday 6-1-12)
- My exciting news (Monday 6-4-12)


  1. Girl, me too! It just gets so busy!
    Your girls are looking precious as always.

  2. your exciting news?! WHAT!

    let me guess... baby the da bella?!

    say it isn't so! eeek... can we just hear the news NOW!

    i'm so impatient :)

  3. Excited to hear what your exciting news is!!! =)

  4. Umm hello! I need to hear this exciting news... like. NOW! :)

  5. I like exciting news!! And hate waiting. ha ha :)


    Umm can I come to Capitola with you? It looks fab!

    The girls look adorable as always!!!


  7. Have fun with your parents and little brother!

  8. Your girls ard so cute!! We LOVE Santa Cruz! We are going there in July and I am so looking forward to it.

  9. I've been wondering where you have been! Glad to see those sweet faces again. I am too excited to hear this news!!!

  10. I love the Monterey Bay Aquarium! I also am waiting for the exciting news!