Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Loves

1. I am LOVING that it was a fun mail day yesterday.  I always like a good mail day and yesterday was that day.  I recieved Kaylee's 2nd year book that I had ordered from  It turned out awesome, I love it!  I will for sure be ordering more books from them (like both Kaylee & Keira's first year).  We also recieved a post card in the mail from Jason's parents.  They left for Germany for 2 weeks on May 1st and we recieved our post card yesterday.  Kaylee was so excited to get something from Grandma and Grandpa in the mail (she even took it with her to bed at nap time).

2.  I am LOVING that we made our final decision on what were doing for Kaylee's birthday/Mother's Day on Sunday.  Since Kaylee has a love for trains we decided that we're going to go to Old Sacramento to the Train Museum.  Were going to look around at the museum, take a train ride along the river and even have a picnic.  We are all excited to go, my brother might come with us.  We were going to go to the zoo but decided on the train museum cause we've never been before.  Only 5 more days till my sweet/sassy girl is 3!!!

3. I am LOVING that Jason's grandpa is doing much better.  He went into the hospital to have is gulbladder removed and then had some unlying issues.  But I am so happy that he's going to be ok and we will be visiting him soon.  He had back surgery a couple weeks ago and then had to have gulbladder surgery last Wed. and part of his kidneys weren't working right, so they are doing dyalasis to hopefully shock his kidneys to wake them up and work all the way.  So if you could just say a little prayer for him to have a speedy recovery I would appricate it.  I am so happy I have these 5 generation pictures.  Now I just need to get one with Keira for a 6 generation picture!

from left: Jeff (jason's dad), Jason, Great Grandma Nellie (to the girls its great great grandma), Kaylee & Grandpa Joe

4.  I am LOVING that I have finished all the decor for Kaylee's party.  I really hope that I can get it all set up how I'm invisioning it in my head.  I love how everything turned out.  It should be a really fun party.  She is super excited, she's been talking about her bounce house for the last 2 weeks.  Only 12 more days till party time!

5. I am LOVING some of my finds on PINTEREST.  I feel like I haven't been on there as much cause things around our house have been a bit crazy, but I have found a few new things that I hope to do once we move.

Would love to do a photoshoot like this with my girls when they get a little bigger

Loving these chevron nails!

In love with the new Lauren Conrad bracelts, I need these!

I love this, need to make for our new house!

6.  I am LOVING that the girls have been getting along.  Last week they were monsters!!!!!  It felt like the whole week I was yelling at them to play nice, stop hitting each other and to stop screaming.  It seemed like they were time out a lot for not listening and I thought I might go CRAZY!  But I am happy to say that they have been good, thank god!


  1. So excited to see how Kaylee's party turns out! Is it this weekend then?? yay!

    and the train museum sounds AWESOME! So jealous. I wish we had something like that here in boring Iowa :)

    My girls have been the same way! Like I said in a blog post, they were MONSTERS last week. Like horrible. But ever since this weekend they have been back to normal and amazing little babes.

    Fingers crossed right????? :)

  2. Yay! Look forward to hearing about your train museum fun! (And Britt, there IS something like that here in Iowa....I'd have to check, but I know a friend of mine took her boys on a train ride, etc. like that here :-)

  3. All wonderful things to be loving! And thanks for the link for hte Trains, it is definitely something we want to do one day!

  4. How fun to have a happy mail day! I was actually just visiting another blog who said the same thing. So rare in these days of bills and circulars! What a gift to have all those generations still around. Cherish them! I just lost my sweet Gram a couple of months ago - each day with them is a gift!

  5. I love good mail days! They are just the best. Those chevron nails are killer...too bad I would NEVER be able to pull it off! Happy Wednesday:)

  6. i love the idea of going to the train museum...thats such a cool idea and probably a memory she'll never forget!!! Kaylee's book turned out awesome...I need to do that with all of my pics...that such a neat way to hold onto all of those memories!!

    Glad you're girls are getting along better this week...they are so cute together:)

  7. I love the chevron nails and loving the new Lauren Conrad bracelets! Super cute!

  8. The photo book looks adorable! I have never used Mixbook but I am going to check them out! The train museum sounds fun! I think that's one of the nice things about California- so many fun things to do!