Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Kaylee Elizabeth

Kaylee Elizabeth,

3 years ago after 15 hours of labor you made your apperance.
I thought after pushing for 2 hours that you were never going to come, but you finally came out and you were more beautiful than I ever could have imagined!  When they placed you on my chest and you peed on me 3 times I knew I was in LOVE.  haha.
This year seems like it just flew by, I cant believe we're celebrating you turning 3 today.

You are an amazing little girl.
Your smart, funny, sassy and your mommy's best friend!
Being able to spend everyday with you has been such a joy for mommy.
Watching you grow has been my greatest joy.
You went from a tiny baby who needed me for everything to such a big girl who likes to do things all by herself.  Taking your first steps, saying your first word DADA, beginning to talk in sentences, learning how to run, learning about shapes and colors, watching your little imagination unfold and playing pretend.  You have tunred into such a beautiful little girl and it makes me proud when people say how smart you cause it reassures mommy that I'm doing something right!

Today we will be celebrating your birthday as a family at the Train Museum.
I hope that you have the best birthday ever and the following weekend we will be celebrating with family and friends at your big birthday bash.

Mommy, Daddy & Sissy love you
We hope you have a great 3rd birthday
You are our world!



  1. Happy Birthday Kaylee!! Hope you're having a wonderful day! :-)

  2. Happy Birthday Kaylee!! I hope she had a fantastic day! =)

  3. Happy Birthday Kaylee! You are one beautiful little girl:)

  4. Happy birthday to such a beautiful little three year old!

  5. Happy Birthday sweet Kaylee!! She is so beautiful!

  6. Happy Birthday Kaylee!! God bless you princess.

    Happy Mother's Day!!

    Hope both of you had a great day today/

  7. Happy Birthday beautiful girl!!!!

    Happy Belated Mother's day to you!!!

  8. AHH she is soo soo cute!
    Happy Birthday sweet girl! :)

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  10. awwww what a great post! She is such a beautiful little girl! I loved her 3rd birthday photos and outfit, you did amazing!

    Where did you make a collage at? No one does collages anymore and picnik shut down boooooo!

    Happy 3rd Birthday again Kaylee!!!