Friday, May 25, 2012

Chalk Fun & some randomness

Yesterday before nap time Kaylee decided she wanted to open her new chalk she bought with her birthday money and to have her and sissy go outside and play.  So we went outside and played with chalk.  The girls always enjoy playing chalk together.  Kaylee wanted mommy to join in on the fun and draw a flower garden and write their names and have them sit by them.  So we enjoyed the warm breezy weather outside before heading in for naps.

* Last night Jason's dad and grandma came over for dinner and to check out our new house.  The reason for the visit was to help put Kaylee's new big girl bed together.  Jason's dad and grandma got Kaylee the bed for her birthday.  She was so surprised when it was done and kept saying "I love my new bed".  Since Kaylee was 20 months old she's been sleeping in a queen size bed with the box spring and mattress on the floor cause we had an extra one.  Well for her 3rd birthday I thought it was about time that we get her a real bed.  She slept good in it last night and she has her new bedding on it that my dad got her.  While we were ordering the bed Jason's dad decided that he would just go ahead and get Keira's bed while he was at so that they matched.  Keira also has the same bedding (its reversable).  I'll be taking better pictures with my good camera once I get the girls room all decorated.

* A few days after Kaylee's party, Kaylee decided that she wanted to go shopping with her birthday money.  Since I needed to go to Target anyways I said ok.  I got the girls ready and we headed to Target for Kaylee to do some shopping.  We stopped off at the clothes first and she picked out 3 new shirts, 2 pairs of shorts and a cute dress.  We then headed to the undies department where she picked out some Dora underwear.  Next stop TOYS...she wanted to get a game so she decided on Candy Land, picked out a Lalaloopsy doll and some colors books with new crayons, she also got some new chalk.  I told her she didn't have to spend all her money that she could keep some and come back later to get more stuff.  She wanted to get everything she picked out and she still has money left to spend at a later date.

* The other day Keira was in such a crabby mood.  She woke up in the crabby mood and the day just seemed to get worse from there.  I thought maybe after taking a nap she would be in a better mood but nope.  I think it has something to do with her last 4 canine teeth trying to come through.  She's been waking up every night this week around 4am.  I will be so glad when those teeth come in cause then she'll be done teething for awhile!

*  We have nothing really planned for this holiday weekend.  We will be moving the rest of our stuff out of our old house, we have to have everything out by the end of this weekend.  Not really what I wanted to be doing this weekend but whatever there's not much stuff left.  I hope everyone has a safe holiday weekend and thank you to you to the people who serve our country and the people who've died while serving!

* I have some exciting news to fill you guys in on next week so keep an eye out for that!!

* I've been such a bad blogger, I haven't blogged all week.  I have a good excuse though...we got our cable hooked up last week but we've watching movies off of our computer since getting cable because Jason has to run the cable wire and hasn't had time to do it yet.  So since our computer is being occupied by the girls watching movies or cartoons I cant really blog.  So we should have our cable run and the box back up and running this weekend so I can get back to blogging.  So bare with me!


  1. Love the cute chalk pictures! My girls always refuse to look at me when they have chalk haha.

    Kayle did a good job picking out presents with her money!!

    Her bed stuff is very cute :-)

  2. Could your girls get any cuter???

    Love her new big girl bed!!!

    Can't wait to hear your exciting news!!! :)

  3. Such cute chalk pictures. Kaylee looks like she's loving her new bed. And what a great shopper she is!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Awesome chalk photos! They are super cute!! =)

  5. Love the chalk fun y'all had! And I love Kaylee's bed! I love all that storage that came with it! Nice!
    I completely am on the same page as you with the whole teething thing. Carleigh is working on her last canine and she has been horrible. I cannot leave the room without her going into a complete melt down. Sooo ready for it to be over.

  6. aww she looks so cute in her new big girl bed :)