Thursday, May 31, 2012

Keira is 18 months old

Keira Alexis-   You turned 18 months old on May 29th, but I wanted to wait to do your post until after your 18 month check up.  Is it really possible that your a year in a half already?!  Seriously where the heck does the time go...I wish it would slow down just a little bit, you and your sister are growing up so fast right before my eyes.  But I love every minute that I get to spend with you.  I am so glad that I choose to be a house wife and stay home with you guys cause I wouldn't want to miss a thing!  You and your sister are so different but yet alike in some ways and I love that about you guys.  You are 100% a mommy's girl and I cant leave a room without you running after me calling "mama mama".   I love you to the moon and back sweet girl!  Thank you for being such a sweet girl (at times you can be a stink), we love you!

Weight: 22lbs 4oz (15%)
Height: 33" long (82%)
iron checked - good
recieved 3 shots :(

The dr's today took FOREVER!  We got there a little early to register and of course the dr was running behind.  Both girls had check ups today.  So the nurses finally called us back after an hour of waiting.  The girls got weighed and their height checked then the nurses led us to our room.  Kaylee was first where she got her hearing checked and passed and then took an eye exam and has 20/20 vision.  Then Keira's turn they checked her iron as well as Kaylee's and they both checked out good.  We then waited 20 minutes or so before the dr came in.  Up first Keira, which she was NOT in the mood to have the dr talk to her let alone touch her to check her out.  She checked out perfect and the dr put her chart outside cause she needed some shots.  Kaylee was up next and the dr was impressed that she's able to go to the bathroom and wipe all by herself (I just tought her a few days ago).  Plus the dr said she talks really well and really clearly.  Kaylee is good until she turns 4 when she has to come back for a check up 

SLEEPING: Lately I've noticed that your nap is becoming shorter, its going from 3+ hours to 2-2.5 hours.  Which is still ok with me.  This past week in a half you have been waking up in the middle of the night, whinning a little bit and I wait 5 minutes or so before going into your room, usually you put yourself back to sleep.  But the thing that mommy is not really happy about is you waking up at 6:30 instead of 7:30 like you use to.  So maybe you can go back to sleeping in a little bit, mommy would appriciate it!  thank you.

TEETHING:  OH BOY....can those last 4 canine teeth please just come in already!!  Sorry sister but you are the worst teether ever!  So I am so glad that almost all your teeth are in and you can be that happy girl that you normally are when your not teething.  You have 12 teeth and are working on all 4 canines right now.

FAVORITE TOYS:  you love to read books, you always have a book in your hand (my little book worm), you love to play with your mega blogs and build things on the mega block table, your into cars and you cannot go anywhere without ORANGIE (see above picture of her sleeping with the orange thing).

FAVORITE FOODS:  oh kid you eat anything and everything.  There is only 3 things that I've found that you don't like (olives, onions and cabbage).  You are such a good eater and I hope that it doesn't change.  Sissy use to be a good eater until she turned 2 and then became picky.  So help mom out and continue to eat good ok.  But some of your favorite foods are grapes, fishies, waffles and hot dogs.

CLOTHING: 18-24 month clothing.  Size 5 shoe.  Behind the door in your new room is our huge bow collection and when your done getting dressed you always point to the bows and then to your hair.  We went shopping in sissy's summer clothes and you have a whole new wardrobe for this summer.  Some of those clothes are 2T which are big on you.

HAND:  when you color or use a pen or a fork/spoon you put it in your left hand, so I guess we'll what you end up choosing.

NEW WORDS:  boy have you taken off in talking department.  Last month you were saying only a few words and it was making me a little nervous although sissy was doing most of your talking for you!  But this month you have just taken off with a ton of new words and even sentences.  HELLO, MOMMY I WANNA EAT, JUICE PEES, CHEESE, PAPA, MINE, BALLOON, SPONGEBOB, CARS, JEN, DORA, BOOTS, NO AND WHERE'S MY DADA


* we enjoyed our second Mother's Day together!  Thank you for making me a mama.

* you got to experience your second move.  The first time we moved you were like 2 months old and did so well this time now that your older we had to come up with tricks and different ideas to keep you and sissy contained.  The DVD player in the truck worked awesome!  We would roll all the windows down and put a movie on for you and sissy and would pack the car and then unpack the car, worked out great!

* you like to make some silly faces which always makes mommy laugh!  You have such a fun personality and I love watching it change as you get older!

* you had an awesome time celebrating sissy's birthday.  You enjoyed the bounce house for a little bit but you did sleep most of the party, but you needed the nap.  But you had a blast in the bounce house.

* you like brushing your teeth and we brush 2 times a day (or try to at least).  We do always brush at night before bed, mommy brushes first and then you "brush".

* you let sissy now when she does something you don't like!

* you like going on the boat and splashing in the water

* you love to go into your room by yourself and play.  You've spent 45 minutes or more in there by yourself playing.  Sissy sometimes like to go in and bug you!

* you still take a paci and nap and bedtime.  Even though this pic about says differently, sissy pulled it out of your bed and gave it to you, I tried to take it away and you threw a HUGE fit!

* you and sissy like to play with her new dollhouse together

* you are happiest when your outside playing.  You like to go for wagon rides and play in the dirt.

* you become mezmerized when we put on the movie CARS or CARS 2.  its so funny

* you like to follow sissy around and do everything that she does, and then get mad when you cant do the things she can!  You are my fearless one, you'll try it even though mommy tells you NO.



Weight: 29lbs (33%)
Height: 37.25" long (39%)

I swear this kid has been 29lbs for the last year, she has not gained or lost.  I would think she would weigh more since she eats all day but I guess when you never stop moving or running its hard to keep weight on.  The dr said she is PERFECT and doesn't have to be seen for a year!


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