Thursday, September 1, 2016

Tattle Teller

We have reached that stage, the tattle telling stage!  As a parent it is the most annoying stage. I actually thought this would have started a long time ago since Kaylee is 7, Keira is almost 6 & Kendall is almost 4, but it's just started within the last couple months.  My girls don't tattle about things that matter, they tattle about nonsense.  You know like "mom kendall touched me", "mom Kaylee is looking at me", "mom Keira is playing with the baby I wanted" see total nonsense.  I hate this stage, I'm hoping it passes quickly and the tattle telling ends soon.
So when Ahoy Amigo sent us this tee, it made me laugh cause it's so fitting. Make sure you are following her for more awesome tees and some fun new fall items dropping soon!

Also I would like to point out that my children's (especially little miss) closet is way better than mine,  I mean I know kid clothes are cuter, but I wish I had half the clothes they did.  Its not fair!


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