Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Keira is 22 months old

2 months to go until my sweetest little toddler turns 2!
I can't believe she is going to be 2, where did my little baby go?!
She has grown up so fast these last 22 months and is the sweetest little girl, when she wants to be!
Keira Alexis,
You are the sweetest little girl!  You are growing up so fast.  This month you are learning so many new things and I am so proud of you.  Your smile just lights up my day, I mean how could it not!  I'm excited to see what kind of big sister you are going to be.  I know you will be awesome cause you love babies.  You have a crazy love for Olivia, Dora & Bubble Guppies.  I love you to the moon and back sweet girl.  I want to enjoy every snuggle I get from you before the craziness of having 3 kids.

EATING:  you still eat pretty good but there are some foods you use to love that you don't care for now.  I'm hoping that we don't go through the phase of you not liking things and not eating (like we did with Kaylee).  When it's something you like you are a little garbage disposal.  You don't like carrots, onions, tomatoes & zuchinni.  You do like bananas, raspberries, ck nuggets, pb&j sandwiches & peaches.

SLEEPING:  at nap time you are still in our room in the pack in play cause mommy needs her sanity and doesn't want to have to go into your and your sister's room to yell at you two for 2 hours or more to go to sleep.  So you've been sleeping in our room and your asleep within 10-15 minutes.  You take a good 3.5 hour nap each day.  But I do need to figure something else out since the pack n play will be in use by your baby sister soon.  Bedtime your back into your room and you fall asleep really quickly.  We have our routine that we do each night that both you and your sister love.  A half hour before bed we either take a bath or we watch our cartoons, then get our jammies on, both daddy & I go into your room, daddy reads a book and then we say our good nights.
LEARNING: since Kaylee is in school in the mornings thats our time together where we do learning and spending our one on time together.  I have enjoyed all the one on one time we've gotten together cause I feel like you were missing out on that.  In the last month that sissy has been in school you have learned so much and you've been talking a lot more now that you don't have someone to answer everything for you!
* SHAPES YOU KNOW- CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, OVAL, RECTANGLE, STAR & HEART.  We are still working on Diamond & Square.
* COLORS YOU KNOW- BLACK, BLUE & PURPLE. We are still working on Red, Orange, Yellow, Green & Brown.  She does better recognizing the colors when you point to certain objects instead of looking at the paper with colors that I made.
* We've been working on shapes sorting blocks and lots of puzzles
* We are going to start next working on NUMBERS & ABCs
POTTY TRAINING:  I told myself that I wasn't going to start potty training you until after you turned 2.  But by following your lead you've decided that you are ready to start trying.  You tell me most of the time when you need to go potty.  9.19.2012 was the first night that you actually pee peed for the 1st time in your potty.  After you finally let yourself go pee pee you made a weird face and then stood up.  I looked in your potty and saw it, we all started yelling yay Keira and clapping. Well we found out that you didn't like us doing that you kept yelling NO!  So instead of getting super excited we talked in a normal voice and all said "good job"  you then got excited and started clapping.  We then treated you with a cookie!  So we will continue to follow your lead and not push it but just let you tell us when you need to go.  I think it's pretty good since your only 22 months old.  If I could have you day time potty trained by 2 I will be happy!

BIRTHDAY PLANNING:  I have been working hard to get all your party decor done before the arrival of your little sister.  I am happy to say that I have almost everything all done as far as the decor goes.  We are still trying to figure out the food.  I'm going to start working on your birthday outfit, which is going to be adorable (at least I think so).  Here is a little sneak peek....
* your 4 canine teeth decided to come in all at one time and now your two year molars are trying to work there way through.  Which is making you unhappy, we had to bust the amber teething necklace back out, so you've been wearing that.  Sept 18-21 you were running a low fever I'm guessing due to your teeth cause you weren't showing any symptoms of being sick.
* on Friday's you are still sleeping in Kaylee's big girl bed and you are doing awesome.  So I see you having NO problems when you get your own big girl bed.  The only problem I see is at nap time.  I think nap time might become horrible but hopefully I am wrong!
* we planted flowers in the front yard.  Both you and Kaylee like to look at them each morning when we take Kaylee to school.  You both stop and say "good morning flowers" and then sniff them.  You like to water them.

* you can jump and almost get your feet off the floor.

* when commericals come on TV showing different toys you will yell "I want that mama".  So I've been making notes and getting ideas for things to get you and your sister for Christmas.  On pinterest there is a pin floating around where you buy 4 things...SOMETHING YOU WANT, SOMETHING YOU NEED, SOMETHING TO WEAR & SOMETHING TO READ.  I think this year we will be doing this for both you and Kaylee.  Then ONE thing from SANTA either to share or seperate.

* when watching cartoons that involve participation you join in and it surprises me how smart you are in answering the questions cause you get most of the answers right.

* you spent your first night away at grandma's house 9.14.12 when mommy & daddy attended a wedding.  Grandma said you did awesome.  Since you did so well it eases my mind about when mommy has to spend 3 days in the hospital after having sissy.

* you had your first ever sickness, you had BRONCHITIS!  As much as mommy enjoyed all the snuggle time we shared together I am glad we figured out what was wrong and that your on your way back to be a happy healthy girl again.

* you are very talk very loudly.

* the tantrums lately have been out of control!!!  oh my lord, this month I think the terrible twos have officially hit.  When you get mad or told no you will throw a bad tantrum filled with screaming and throwing things.  At this point you get put into time out until you settle down.

*  you are also into hitting.  We are trying to break this habit really quick.  If you get mad at Kaylee you will just walk up to her and hit her.  You've actually hit me good in the face once and it took everything inside me to stay calm and reprimand you!  Naughty naughty!!



  1. Happy 22 months!

    I have seen that xmas pin floating around too, and sometimes I think it's a good idea and then other times I'm like "well, they don't *need* anything, I certainly shouldn't buy them anything to wear, and they want about 1000 things!" LOL

  2. Love all the photos, and I can't believe how long Keira's hair is getting! She is too cute! =)

  3. Happy 22 months---our little ones must be close to the same age. My little one, Andrew, turns two November 28th---where has the time gone?!?!


  4. So adorable and her eyes in that first picture!!! OMG...gorgeous girl:) Happy 22 months Keira!

  5. look at those eyes in the first pic!!!! so much growing and learning happening!!

  6. She is so precious and really looking like a big girl!!!

    Happy 22 months Keira!