Friday, October 19, 2012

38 weeks and u/s growth scan

How far along? 38 weeks - 13 days to go or 2 weeks! She could come anytime!
How big is the baby? Kendall is the size of a small WATERMELON
Weight Gain/Loss: I have an appt on Monday Oct. 22nd
Maternity clothes? Now that the weather is getting colder, I'm wearing my one and only yoga pants that fit and I've been wearing Jason's shirts cause they are kinda the only thing that fits...yes I say kinda cause they are a little tight.  Unless were going out I will wear my maxi skirt and my tank.
Stretch marks? nope
Sleep: sleep has been pretty good.  Once I fall asleep I'm out until I get what feels like a bad side ache letting me know that it's time to get up and go pee.  This past week I've been getting up twice a night since she is really down in my pelvic and really pushing on my bladder.  I'll go pee and by the time I made it back to bed it feels like I need to pee again.
Best moment this week: at my appt Monday hearing I made some progress, 1.5CM and I'm excited that she'll be here soon!
Miss Anything? I could go on and on with all the things that I miss.
Movement: man this little girl has been kicking my butt this week. Her movements are big and strong and hurt.  She has been rolling a lot and pocking body parts out near my hips which also hurt pretty bad.
Anything making you queasy or sick: I haven't been feeling queasy like I was in the past 2 weeks, which is really nice.  Certain smells make me a little queasy.


Labor Signs: LOTS of BH mixed with a few real contractions, pressure and discharge
Symptoms: EXHAUSTED, leaking boobs, peeing every 10 seconds (at least it feels like it)
Belly Button in or out? In the middle (its not really in but its not out)
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood: anxious, excited, nervous, moody, tired and just ready!
Looking forward to: meeting this sweet girl!  I cant wait to see the girls interact with her and just try to get into a family of 5 routine. I cant wait to celebrate all the holidays coming up with my little family!
How the siblings are doing: The girls have been good.  Kaylee has been asking a lot more when Kendall will be here.  She says that she's going to help change diapers (pee pee only), push her in her swing but not let her play with her toys yet cause she's too small.  LOL  Keira has made a huge leap this week, she has been binky free all week!  NO MORE BINKS for Keira.  I had noticed that her binks had a hole on each side so I cut the tip off and since then she doesn't want it.  She has done really really well without it.  She hasn't asked for it once, so proud!!  This week has been a little trying since the girls have been fighting with each other, talking back and not listening.  Wed & Thursday I tried putting Keira back into her room with Kaylee at night time and it was pure hell.  Kaylee would get out of bed and then Keira would stand up and it would take over 2 hours for them to fall asleep.  Instead of me getting upset at them, we went out and got another pack n play.  Keira is back into our room in the new pack n play.  We also got the pack n play for when we go places, so she can take a nap.  Like last weekend when we went to Jason's grandparents for the day, we got it cause we are going back there this weekend and having the pack n play will come in handy.

U/S Growth Scan
37 weeks 6 days

At my dr appt on Monday 10.15.12 we went over the normal routine.  Check weight, pee in a cup, check BP, wait for Dr to come in.  She came in and checked the heartbeat & it sounded good.  She then measured my belly, it was measuring 33 weeks so almost 4cm behind.  Since I've been measuring behind almost this whole pregnancy she called for another u/s growth scan.

Since Jason's mom couldn't take the morning off to watch Keira, Jason took the morning off to take me out to my appt and hang out with Keira.  We dropped Kaylee off at grandma's cause she could drop her off at school for us.  We headed out to my appt.  I checked in and waited to be called back.  He told me he was going to measure everything.  Her head was really far down in my pelvic area but he was able to get the brain measurements he needed.  He measured everything else (stomach, kidneys, heart, legs and fluids).  We weren't really able to get any good pictures of her since she was so far down in my pelvic, but it was nice to see her.

He said ok we're all done.  Before you go let me call your dr.  I asked if everything was ok cause while he was doing the u/s he said everything looked good (guessing they say that cause they don't want to freak you out).  He then told me that she is measuring smaller in certain areas than normal and that my fluid is measuring low as well.  So he wanted to call my dr.  He came out to tell me that my dr will see me on Monday (at my scheduled appt) and we would figure out our next step whether is be to induce or just keep an eye on it.  So these next 3 days are gonna be a little nerve racking cause Monday after my appt they could decide to send me over to the hospital to be induced.  Which means I could be meeting my little girl in 3 days.  I guess we'll see what Monday holds.  I will for sure update on Monday after my appt.  If you guys could keep us in your thoughts, I would appriciate it!


  1. Good luck! Try to relax this weekend and enjoy the last of your mom to 2 days :-)

  2. Aww, good luck! Hopefully everything is well, and I'm sure your little girl is doing just fine! I bet you can't wait to meet her and hold her in your arms. Update us as soon as you can and hope you have a great weekend, mama!

  3. How exciting- Baby Kendall!!!!!!! I'm sure you've got a mix of emotions - I'll keep you in my prayers!

  4. Isn't it so crazy that you just never know WHEN you will meet her? Could be 3 days, could be 10! I'm at that point too now. 3 weeks left but could be more or less.

    You are still looking so good!

  5. Oh my goodness it's getting so close. I can't wait to see that beautiful girl! You are in my thoughts and prayers momma and Kendall! What is with these tiny girls? We are measuring quite small over here too as of this morning.

  6. Getting so close! I wouldn't worry too much about her being small, I bet she is just perfect! They induced me at 38 weeks on the day with Sophie because they thought she was small and that my pregnancy induced hypertension stunted her growth...the ultrasound estimated her at 5 lbs 6 oz...yeah...she was 7lbs 3.5oz LOL so those things are definitely off!! and in my case by more than a pound no less! She would have been an 8 pounder if I carried her to my due date:)

  7. Oh my word, the count-down is almost in the single digits! You look great!

  8. You look incredible. Your legs are still so skinny! I gain all my weight in my hips/butt/thighs so I look like a whale already.