Monday, October 22, 2012

Dear Kaylee & Keira,

Girls, where do I even begin...
On Monday 10.22.12 we could find out when your little sister will be coming.
After this appt they might send me over to the hospital to be induced.
Grandma was here to pick you guys up like she does every Monday, but today was different.
Saying good bye to both of you was hard, knowing that I might not see you for 3 days was harder.
Nowing that your little sister could come today....
Makes me both happy, anxious & nervous.  I'm filled with so many emotions right now.
I'm happy to be giving both of you a new little sister to love on, grow up with and be best friends.
I'm anxious about getting settled into a routine with the 3 of you and wondering if I'll be able to handle all 3 of you when it's time for daddy to go back to work.
I'm nervous about how the two of you might react after bringing the baby home.  I'm hoping that you guys wont be jealous and that you both know that mommy & daddy love you both!
What can I say baby girl, you will always be my first born and you'll always hold a special place in my heart cause you were the one that made me a mama!  No matter how old you get, you will always be my baby!  I know you will continue to be the best BIG SISTER ever!  You are so sweet and so caring with Keira and I hope you continue to be that way when Kendall comes. 
Your wee little life has changed me.  The day you were born was like a new beginning for me, a change that will forever lay soft on my heart.  Everything in my life is sweeter cause of you.  The days and fleeting moments with you are only a breath in time.  They linger briefly and fly away on the wings of tomorrow.
You are precious in every way: the sunshine in my day, the joy in my soul, and the love of my life
I love you the moon & back!
You are graduating up to BIG SISTER status.  Even though you are becoming a big sister and that your almost 2 I still consider you my baby.  Watching how sweet you are with your babies makes my mommy heart skip a beat, cause I know you will be a great big sister to Kendall.  I am excited to see the two of you interact together. 
I wish you the strength to face challenges with confindence...
along with the wisdom to choose your battles carefully...
I wish you adventure on your journey & may you always stop to help someone along the way...
Listen to your heart and take risks carefully...
Remember how much you are LOVED...
Mommy & Daddy are so proud of you!
I love you the moon & back!
My wish for all my girls is...
that this life is all that they want it to be.
that their dreams stay big.
that their worries stay small.
that they grow to share a bond that can never be broken.
that they always stick up for each other no matter what.
I just want you girls to know that even though baby sissy is almost here, you guys are still my number one.  I know the first month or so might be a little challenging for all of us, trying to figure out a routine that works for us. But I'm hoping since the holidays are right around the corner it makes it a little easier to adjust cause we'll be doing lots of fun family things. If mommy seems grumpy or tired I hope that you don't take it personal.  I want you to know that even if mommy doesn't get much sleep, I will still try to make each day as fun as possible.  I don't want you guys to feel left out in any way just cause I may be giving more attention to your baby sister the first few weeks.  All 3 of you mean the world to me and I cant wait to start this new journey as a family of 5.  I will admit that I am very nervous and I just hope that I can be the best mom I can to the 3 of you. 
I love you girls to the moon & back...
(I need to go dry the tears that are now flowing down my face)
I'll be back with an update after my appt.


  1. Very sweet! Love the poems and songs you picked to weave in! :-)

    Good luck...can't wait to hear if Kendall is arriving soon!

  2. OH my goodness---can't wait to see what the news is---thinking of you!


  3. Sooo sweet. I hope you print this for them to keep!

  4. Oh girl!!! You have me almost in tears. Everything will fall into place with your three little girls in no time. Good luck today!

  5. So sweet! The girls are going to do great!

  6. awww this is SO sweet, made me teary eyed. Can't wait to hear what the news is either way!!! Good Luck! :)

  7. this is the sweetest! love your blog!