Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Ramblings

1.  We had a great weekend.  Saturday was family day.  After being couped up in the house for 2 weeks, I decided we needed to get out of the house and spend some time as a family together.  We headed up to this reserviour near our house to hang out and throw rocks in the water.  We brought the dog and the girls loved throwing rocks into the water for the dog to get.  We spent an hour in a half there before coming home to put the girls down for a nap.  Jason's dad called and asked if we wanted to go out to dinner.  We accepted and met him at Chili's after nap time.  The girls did really well and ate their dinner really well.

Kaylee's face in the pic to the left makes me laugh everytime!

2.  On Sunday while the girls napped I worked on many different projects.  I got Kendall's blanket all pinned and it is ready to be sewn.  I cut out some felt for the girls Halloween costume (I got the fabric today to make their outfits).  Also I'll give you a little sneak peek of Keira's birthday outfit! (I'll be adding some tulle to it).
3.  Grandma took the girls last night (Sunday) to spend the night and then spend all day today there.  Which meant that mommy was headed out this morning to Barnes & Noble, Target, Michael's & WalMart to get my Christmas shopping done.  Yes you read that right, it's October 1st and my Christmas shopping is pretty much done!  Let me tell you it feels awesome to have it taken care of.  I started it now cause well I'll be damned if I'm going to take a newborn out Christmas shopping.  I am so excited for Christmas this year!  We're going to start a new tradition this year that I saw on Pinterest.  Its a Christmas Eve surprise Box.  You open the box on Christmas Eve night and inside there will be Christmas jammies, a Christmas movie, popcorn, mugs for hot chocolate and a Christmas book.  I picked up the Xmas jammies today for all of us except Kendall cause they don't have them out yet and I just need to find a Christmas movie and some cute mugs.
4.  I cant believe that  in 32 days or less Kendall will be here.  We are all so ready for her to get here.  I still need to order the girls Big Sister necklaces which I should get on.  I also ordered the battery charger for my DSLR camera. 
5. Last week and this week Jason will be working here in town around the corner from our house. Last week almost everyday we met up with daddy for lunch and the girls LOVED going to have lunch with daddy.  We will try and met up with daddy for lunch as much as we can this week too.
6.  We're going to DISNEYLAND!!!  While out to dinner with Jason's dad he said he wanted to take the girls to Disneyland for Kaylee's 4th Birthday.  Kaylee has been talking about wanting to go to Disneyland and ride on the new Cars rides.  She's only seen the Disneyland castle when she watches Disney movies but she wants to go.  Both the girls will be super excited.  Kendall wont really know what's going on cause she'll be 7 months old.  We are going to have a fun summer.  Disneyland in May and back to Capitola in June (Jason's mom rented a house for the whole month).  The girls loved the beach so it should be fun with all 3 girls.



  1. YAY For Disneyland!!! Emma keeps seeing the commercials on TV for the Cars ride at Disneyland and wants to go to there so so bad! Maybe someday we'll venture to California =)

    And I really think you should do a tutorial on how you do your hair, because it's really super cute they way you have it pulled up =)

  2. Love the birthday outfit sneak peek...cute!

  3. DISNEYLAND!! Wow, I am so jealous... I'm sure the girls will love every minute! :) Hope you're feeling well, Momma! And I can't wait to see more birthday details!

  4. Oh wow!! Lots of fun vacations planned:)

  5. Exciting news about Disneyland!

    And, I can't wait to see the birthday outfit!

  6. Yay for Disneyland, how exciting! I can't wait to see Keira's birthday outfit, I'm sure it will be amazing! Your girls are starting to look SOOO much alike!

  7. So jealous of Disneyland! Fun! I also love the Christmas Eve box idea! I already have a tradition of getting the girls new christmas pjs to wear on Christmas eve each year, so maybe I'll add in a movie or a little toy with it :)

  8. Disneyland - how fun!! Love the sneak peak! :)