Friday, September 28, 2012

35 weeks = 35 days to go!

How far along? 35 weeks - 35 days to go or 5 weeks! OMG!  The countdown is really on now! 
How big is the baby? Kendall is the size of a HONEYDEW MELON
At my u/s the tech said she is weighing in at 4lbs 14oz (80%)
approx length is 18" long
* At this point all of her major organs should be nearly complete.  Her kidney's are completely developed and her liver is functioning and capable of processing waste products.
Weight Gain/Loss: 25lbs (according to my dr appt on Monday) 
Maternity clothes? no. Now that it's getting cooler Ive been wearing comfy sweats and Jason's shirts unless I have to go somewhere.
Stretch marks? nope
Sleep: I don't want to jinx myself but I've actually been sleeping really well.  I try to make it in bed by 10 and I've been able to sleep through most nights without having to get up to go pee.  I am still having crazy weird dreams.
Best moment this week: Nowing that baby girl is growing right on track.
Miss Anything? what don't I miss.  having this sweet girl punch my bladder where it makes me feel like I'm gonna pee, being exhausted, feeling like the punches/jabs from this little girl is going to break my water, having to roll to my side just to get up, I think my list could go on and on.
Movement: she is still moving around a lot and sometimes when she stretches out it feels like she's going to bust out of my skin, it hurts!
Anything making you queasy or sick: string cheese & my dogs farts!


Labor Signs: None.
Symptoms: EXHAUSTED, moody, peeing a lot, exhausted, leaking boobs & oh did I mention exhausted!
Belly Button in or out? In the middle (its not really in but its not out)
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood: good
Looking forward to: taking the girls to the pumpkin patch, ordering a battery charger for my DSLR camera, ordering the girls BIG SISTER necklaces & just spending as much family time as possible together! 
How the siblings are doing: the girls are doing ok.  Both girls have gotten their first ever cold.  Yes you read that right, Kaylee is 3 and has only gotten 1 cold in her life!  She missed 3 days of school and was really happy to be able to go back to see her friends and learn.  At almost 2 Keira also got her first big sickness, she was dianosed with BRONCHITIS after having a fever that wouldn't go away for 6 days. Since both girls were sick guess who now has it.....MOMMY!  Boo....


Both Keira and I had an appt on Monday.  Me for my check up and Keira to get checked out to figure out what was wrong with her.  I had called in that morning and made an appt for Keira at 12 and my appt was at 12:45.  We arrived at the dr office at 11:50 to check in, the nurse proceeds to tell me "oh Keira's appt is actually tomorrow at 12"  WHAT....I then ask her if there was any way to get Keira squeezed in cause she needs to be checked, shes had a fever of 101 for the past 6 days and baby ADVIL wasn't really working.  The nurse told me she would see what she could do.  At 12:05 they called me back.  I went in and peed in the cup, then got weighed and the nurse checked my Bp.  To me my bp seemed a little high compared to what it usually is.  Usually my bp is 115/79 and this time it was 130/78.  I asked the nurse and she told me that the dr would talk to me.  So Keira and I waited for the dr to come in.  She looked over my u/s report and said baby looks great, she's in the 80th%.  Good to hear.  She then did my Strep B test. And I then asked her about my bp.  She said she wasn't worried about it.  It was a little high compared to what I've been but nothing for her to be concerned with.  She said I did have a little bit of protein in my urine.  She said she would be worried if my bp was 140/90.  She said we would watch it.  After I got dressed we went back out to the waiting room it was about 12:30, the nurse called us up and told me that they could get Keira seen at 1pm.  I said great.  She was getting restless sitting in her stroller and wanted me to hold her.  She was so tired and was almost falling asleep while we were waiting.  We got called back around 1:30 where they checked her height & weight and then brought us to our room.  The nurse checked her temp 102.  She then said the dr will be right in, which really means "you'll be waiting here forever for the dr to come in"  After 20 minutes of waiting in which that time Keira fell asleep.  She listened to her chest and looked in her ears, she then said she has BRONCHITIS.  Oh great.  Thank you.  I then loaded her back into her stroller and we took our Rx to CVS to get it filled.  The awesome lady working at the pharmacy pushed us in front of everyone so that I could get out of there fast.  It was awesome it only took about 10 mins.  We finally got back home around 2:15 I gave Keira her first dose of meds and she went down for her nap.  She took a great nap and woke up in a much better mood.  Her fever was gone and she was even smiling.  I'm glad that we figured out what was wrong with her.  As much as I loved all the snuggling I just wanted my happy healthy girl back.  I have been lysoling the house like crazy so that Uncle Josh or daddy don't get sick and to keep Kaylee from getting resick again.

My next dr appt is October 8th.  I'll be 36 weeks 3 days
Our last 2 weeks have been spent doing a lot of this!!!


  1. How lucky they haven't gotten sick until now! We get colds all the time--I think it's partially the climate we live in but also that I constantly take them to play at mall play areas and children's museums...those places are without a doubt germ factories LOL.

  2. yikes! Hope she feels better! And I hope YOU don't get it. Being pregnant and sick SUCKS.

  3. I can't believe it's getting so close to meeting baby girl!!! I can't believe your girls are so super healthy!!! I feel like we have cold around here all the time.

  4. I had dreams about everything from aliens to dinasaurs....It was so strange to me!! Haha maybe tmi, but ex lovers & all kinds of random dreams!!

  5. I know I keep saying this, but I can't believe how close you are getting to having this little babe!

    Hope your kiddos are feeling better soon!

  6. I can't believe how quickly your pregnancy is going (soooooo easy to say when you're looking in from the outside :-). So sorry your sweet baby girl is sick . . . here's hoping for healthy days in your future!

  7. love your blog!

    newest follower :)