Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Look who's a big girl?

Yep thats right my sweet girl slept in a big girl bed.
Jason and I talked and we decided that on Friday's when Kaylee goes to spend the night at Grandma's house that Keira would be able to sleep in Kaylee's bed.  So on Friday 8-31-12 we tried our 1st Friday with her sleeping in Kaylee's bed.

I will admit I was a little worried that she would get out of bed, cry or fall out of bed.
NONE of things happened!  She did awesome.
She was so excited to get to sleep in sissy's bed.
I got her jammies on for the night and both Jason & I wanted to put her to bed.
So we put her in bed, daddy laid with her while I read her a book and then we gave her kisses and walked out of her room.  After 30 minutes I went to check on her and she was fast asleep!

I am so proud of her!
I cant believe how fast my baby girl is growing up.
I know its only one day a week but it's in preperation for when she gets her bed for her birthday.
YAY for being a big girl!

* * * * *

Party prep for this little girls birthday is in full force.
I have almost all her DIY decor done...
And it's adorable, if I do say so myself.
I just need to get some thicker paper to print it all out on and assemble it all.

As far as her outfit goes.
I want to do a fabric tutu (red with whit polka dots, teal and find an Olivia fabric)
And see if I can find all Olivia applique, if you know where I can find a cute one let me know please.  Or if someone has an embroidery machine that can make me an Olivia the pig shirt with Keira's name and the #2 on it.  Any takers??

I am excited for her birthday
Now I just need to figure out the food
I have all the desserts picked out.


  1. yay for the big girl bed!

    Sometimes I use google images to find a design I want and then I just trace it off my computer screen---works great! :-)

  2. She really is getting too big! Almost 2!!! crazy!

  3. My neighbor has an embroidery machine i can ask her! Look at her fb page, Christina's creations & crafts..if you can't find it she's on mine too

  4. Yay Keira! You are such a big girl:) We are still in the dreaded debate about the big boy bed...I'm terrified of losing my perfectly sleep trained child. Sounds like the birthday party planning is well under way...I'm jealous! I'm only just beginning and hope to give you a sneak peek of the theme later this week!

  5. What a sweet smile! :) She definitely looks excited to be a "big girl" like her sissy... What a great idea to make her transition a little easier! So glad that everything is going well so far!! Our B is doing well at night, but it's still a struggle for naps sometimes... It's definitely a process, but I'm loving all of the cute perks that come with it! :)