Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday Randoms

Its been a long time since I've done an Embrace the Camera.
But lately I've been wanting capture as many pictures with the girls & I as possible.
On Monday while Kaylee was at school Keira & I did a little photoshoot.
As soon as she saw my camera phone and I swiched the screen to face us, all the smiles came out.
I love all these pictures even if they are grainy or semi blurry.
I've really been enjoying our one on one time together.
* * * * *
I've also been thinking a lot about a present to get both Kaylee and Keira from Kendall.
I'm not sure if the girls will be allowed to come to the hospital to meet sissy.
When I had Keira, Kaylee wasn't allowed to come in..which I was totally upset about.
But I'll be asking if the girls can come in this time.
Since both Kaylee and Keira love wearing necklaces, I went searching on etsy to see if I could find a cute necklace for the girls from baby sissy.  They have a lot of super cute BIG SISTER necklaces that can have their names put in the middle. 
Super cute right!?
Also my mom is making these super cute shirts for the girls.
I'll probably make cute hair bows to match once I figure out what fabric and colors I want.
* * * * *
I've been looking around for a new diaper bag cause my purse just isn't big enough for my stuff, the few things I carry for the girls (sippy cup & diapers for Keira) but then I'll be carrying a lot more for Kendall.  I was looking on etsy and came across this adorable chevron bag.  I am totally obsessed with chevron right now.
Cute right!?
* * * * *
I've already started getting ideas on what to get people in our family for Christmas.
Yes I'm one of those people who likes to make out my lists on what were going to get family members before shopping and then I shop.  This year I'm trying to get my Christmas shopping in early because I'm going to have a newborn and want to get my shopping done sooner than later.  We have a pretty good idea on what were getting the girls.  We just need to figure out what "Santa" is bringing.  I am loving that Christmas isn't to far away.  I cant wait to decorate and spend our first Christmas together as a family of 5!  Now that the girls are bigger, I cant wait to decorate, bake and decorate cookies, go look at Christmas lights and matching outfits of course!  LOL
* * * * *
Tomorrow Keira will spend her 2nd time in the big girl bed and I hope she does just as good as the 1st time.  My main concern that I do have about the "big girl" bed is nap time.  I have a feeling that nap time isn't going to go as well as bed time.  I have a feeling she'll get out of bed and want to play with her toys instead.  So I'm thinking that nap time come the beginning of December is going to be not so fun!  But I guess we'll just have to wait and see.  Kaylee was younger when she went into her big girl bed and she did great at both nap and bed time.  Hopefully Keira will be the same way.
* * * * *
I have my 32 week check up today.
Check back tomorrow for my 32 week bumpdate and all the info from that appt.
It seems like since I hit Trimester 3 the weeks have just been flying by.
I'm not complaining about it one bit though cause I cant wait to meet this sweet girl
I do have some questions for the dr today.


  1. LOVE that chevron bag and those necklaces are adorable (such a cute idea to give the girls a gift from their new sissie;)) Kaylee looks so much like you in those pictures!!! Hope you guys are having a good week:)

  2. Those necklaces and shirts are adorable - I bet the girls will love them! Aaron gave Emma some cute pajamas when he was born & for the longest Emma would say, "These are the pj's my baby brother gave me!"

    That bag is cute, too!

    I can't believe you're already thinking about Christmas - I'm that person that is buying a gift on my way to the Christmas party...well, not literally, but almost! I'm definitely buying the gift bags en route!!

  3. Love the necklaces and shirts. Such a cute idea for the necklaces. Whered you find them?

  4. Those onsies are SO cute & that bag is awesome. I love the chevron print :)

  5. Love that bag!! Buy it!! Also love your bun! That is the only thing I miss about long hair!!

  6. I love the chevron bag!! And I agree with Megan's comment, your bun is so cute!! I think you should show us how you do it! My buns are always crappy looking =)