Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Life Lately

1.  I had a bump check up yet again yesterday.  It feels like these 2 week check ups come so quickly.  I do have another appt on Monday for a check up and to get tested for STREP B.  But at my appt yesterday I talked with the Dr. about my tubal sterilization and she put me at a little bit of ease, just a little bit.  I am still nervous as all heck.  I think I get a little more nervous as the day approches closer!  In 2 weeks I gained 1lb so that puts me at a total weight gain of 24lbs.  My bp was good, urine was good and baby's heartbeat was nice and strong.  When she measured me, she made a face and I said "everything ok".  She said "you've been consistantly measuring small, so I want to order an ultrasound".  This isn't really anything new for me cause I had the same problem with Keira.  Actually at this time in my pregnancy I had to go for an u/s cause I was measuring small with her, small as in 4 weeks behind.  But with every u/s with Keira she was perfectly healthy and growing right on track.  So tomorrow I go for my u/s at 8am.  So hopefully Miss Kendall is growing right and everything is fine.  I will be updating how that all went on Bumpdate Friday so check back, you also might get to see some new pictures of the little miss.  Speaking of the little miss, yesterday while the girls were with Grandma I started packing mine and Kendall's hospital bag.  I'm just waiting for the cute onesie my mom monogrammed for Kendall to come so I can put some finishing touches on it and pack it away and then her bag is totally packed.  Most of my bag is packed minus the stuff that I use on a daily basis that I'll throw in my bag as were leaving.  I like nowing that I have one less thing to worry about.  All her clothes are washed, hung up or put in her dresser, all blankets are washed, the swing, bouncy seat and car seat cover have been washed and are all ready and waiting!  While at WalMart yesterday I came across this adorable paisley fabric and just had to get it so that I could make her one more blanket.  I cant wait, I love the fabric.   Ok enough rambling about Kendall, check back Friday for an u/s update and maybe some new pictures.

2.  On Friday night we dropped both girls off to spend the night at grandma's so that we could attend the wedding of one of my best friends.  The wedding was about an hour and 45 minutes from us and started at 5:30.  We dropped the girls off at 3 and headed to the venue leaving us plenty of time before the wedding started.  The venue was absolutely beautiful.  We walked up a little path to our seats.  The groom and groomsmen walked up the walk way and the bride came in on a horse an carriage, it was really neat.  Stephanie made a beautiful bride and I loved her dress.  As soon as the groom saw her he started crying, so much love between the two of them.  Steph and Jaymie I am so happy for both of you and I am so glad Jason & I got to share in your special day with you.  The food was awesome.  When it was time for the boquet and garder toss it was totally fixed so that Jason & I would catch them...LOL  We had a great time! (sorry my pictures aren't that great, they were all taken with my phone since the battery on my good camera died that day and I cant find the battery charger anywhere)
3.  Kaylee is now in her 4th week of school.  I cant believe its already been a month.  Time is flying by so quickly.  She is loving school and learning so much.  She has started saying a few things in spanish (they learn spanish Tuesday & Thursday).  For the first two weeks of school everyday when I picked her up she would talk about getting lost and crying.  Some of the assistants would tell me she was crying too.  As a mom you don't want to hear that your child is crying.  So I got to school early on one of the days and talked with her teacher.  At 11:15-11:45 they play outside, when its time for the kids to line up the teachers clap and Kaylee's class is suppose to line up.  There is more that one class outside playing so Kaylee would get scared and think she was lost when she didn't see her class or any of her teachers.  So after hearing this I made sure to talk to her and tell her to listen for the clapping and to run over to her teachers as quickly as possible.  Since then these past 2 weeks no crying and no getting lost.  She loves going to school and I am so glad, she loves it so much that nap time has gotten so much better.  Both girls are asleep within 15-20 minutes of getting in bed.  The other day when I went in to check on Kaylee she much have gotten up and put her hat on and then fell asleep...LOL

4.  Keira is doing awesome with all her learning activities as well.  I am so proud.  This week we have been working on shapes.  I have a template that has a bunch of shapes on it and while I was making her cupcake toppers using the circle, she came over and started naming off the shapes.  I was really surprised and impressed.  She knows- CIRCLE, STAR, HEART, OVAL, TRIANGLE & RECTANGLE.  We are still working on SQUARE.  Keira is also getting really close to start potty training.  She has been telling us that she needs to go potty, sometimes she tells us to late but still wants to sit on her potty, other times she tells us before going but doesn't end of going once she sits on her potty.  I think once she lets herself go potty on her potty that she'll actually start pee pee in her potty.  I was going to wait till after her birthday but I'm going off her lead.  If you don't put her on her potty she'll get mad.  So I just might have her day time potty trained before Kendall gets here, wouldn't that be AWESOME!?  She is doing great and getting bigger and bigger each day.  I cant believe she's almost 2 months away from being 2.  I am almost done with all her birthday decor.  I just need to make the food signs, put together her happy birthday banner and make the pom poms.  I also got 2 of the 3 fabrics to make her a fabric tutu skirt.  I'm looking for Olivia fabric.  I've looked at both WalMart and Joanns and cant find it at either so if anyone knows where I can find OLIVIA FABRIC let me know.  Still trying to figure out how I want to do her shirt.

5.  While at WalMart yesterday I picked up some cute Halloween shirts and Halloween books for the girls.  I love FALL and cant wait for the weather to cool down and start dressing the girls in sweater dressed and boots.  I'm excited for the pumpkin patch this year and hopefully trick or treating.  Being able to do fall/halloween/thanksgiving crafts.  I've also started making out my lists for Christmas gifts, I want to get almost all my Christmas shopping DONE before Kendall arrives.  I don't want to take her out to do shopping.  Oh how I love this time of year!



  1. If you search "olivia pig fabric" on Etsy you will find some :-)

    Too funny about sleeping in that hat!

  2. Good luck at your u/s tomorrow! I'm sure little miss is growing just perfect:) Great job Keira on the potty training! We have taken several steps back since the bedrest but are hoping to resume soon!

  3. Good luck with the u/s!

    Way to go keira with all her shapes and potty training! that is awesome! We have been working on colors, and the only one Hudson seems to be really good at is black :) lol!