Friday, September 7, 2012

32 week bumpdate


How far along? 32 weeks - 56 days to go or 8 weeks!
How big is the baby? Kendall is the size of a Large Jicama (I have no idea what that is).  She's approx 16.7" long and weighs approx 3.75lbs.  Kendall is really plumping up and will gain almost half her body weight by the time I deliver.  The layer of soft lanugo hair is also starting to shed.  Over the next few weeks her real hair and skin will become soft and smooth.
Weight Gain/Loss: 22lbs total gained (my dr said she would be ok if I gained 35lbs cause she considered me underweight)
Maternity clothes? no.  Still wearing yoga pants and my 2 tanks.  I feel like I'm wearing the same thing every day but I refuse to go and buy maternity clothes.
Stretch marks? nope
Sleep: I've actually been sleeping pretty well.  I am still waking up every night between 3-4 to go pee. It does take me a little bit to fall back asleep once I get up to pee though.  This last week I've been having some pretty vivid dreams that are really random.
Best moment this week: Jason & I like to try and figure out what body part is sticking out when Kendall is rolling around.  The funny thing is we can never figure out what the heck we're feeling...LOL 
Miss Anything? ahhh what don't I miss.  Being out of breathe, sweating my butt off as soon as I walk outside in the heat, under boob sweat, peeing a little bit when I sneeze, I mean the list could go on and on!
Movement: LOTS & LOTS.  A lot of rolling around and jabs that feel like they are down in my special place.  Sometimes it feels like she's trying to claw her way out.
Anything making you queasy or sick: string cheese (Kaylee was earing string cheese the other day and she came to sit by me and the smell just made me want to get sick, I had to ask her to go sit in her chair.  I felt bad but icky!)

Labor Signs: None.
Symptoms: lots and lots and lots of braxton hicks!
Belly Button in or out? In the middle (its not really in but its not out)
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood: happy and ready to have this little girl here!
Looking forward to: getting registered at the hospital, finish painting the girls dressers for their room and getting any last minute things for the baby.  Spending as much family time together as we can before the arrival of Kendall
How the siblings are doing: the girls are still doing great. I had a friend come over with her almost 12 month old and it was really cute to watch Keira with the baby.  All I have to say is Kendall is going to be smothered with lots of LOVE from Keira.

* * * * *

32 week check up

Weight: 140lbs
Measuring: 28 weeks
Bp: 115/79
Urine: good
Heartbeat: good, baby was really active and moving all over the place

I had my 32 week check up today.  If you remember I posted awhile back about the really rude male Dr. that I saw, well I had to see him again today.  YUCK.  I had quite a few questions I wanted to ask my dr but that will have to wait till Sept 17th my next appt.  Still measuring small but they don't seem to worried about it.  I measured this way with Keira too but towards the end they did a few ultrasounds to make sure she was growing on track.  She was moving all over the place when the dr was trying to listen to her heartbeat, but it sounded great.

Keira came to my appt with me


  1. Looking great momma! I can't believe it's getting so close to meeting little missy:)

  2. BAHA, I snorted at the fact that you said what the heck is a jicama -- I was wondering the exact same thing! LOL.

    And? Still right there with you on all counts. Especially the wacky dreams lately! Mine involved Seth MacFarlane and um, yeaaaaa.... ;)

    Glad you are feeling well still. I'm getting antsy but I don't want E to come TOO early, ya know? There's still too much to get done around here!

    Yay for one more week down mama!

  3. I know you may not feel this way, but I can't believe you are already 32 weeks! Time is flying by. I love reading your updates and looking at all of the pics of your girls. I'm sure they are going to make great big sisters. Hope y'all have a wonderful week! :) Lana

  4. Bahaha! What you don't miss had me crackin' up! Especially the boob sweat! lol! Thank goodness the weather is starting to cool off. I LOVE summer but it is rough for a pregnant lady!

    And yes, I do believe we have the exact same due date... November 2nd! Although, I am actually hoping I go overdue just a couple of days as I really want to get away from October. Way too much happens in October for our family!