Monday, October 15, 2012

Excuse me, where did my 3.5 year old go?

After taking these pictures and coming inside to look at them on the computer
I asked myself  "where the heck did my 3.5 year old go?"
I mean honestly Kaylee looks like she's 10 in some of these pictures.
Its so crazy how fast they grow up. 
Its even crazier that changing her hair up can make her look older.
On Friday my DSLR camera battery charger came in the mail and I was one happy mom.
That meant that I could finally take some good/cute/infocus pictures of the girls.
On Saturday while Keira took her nap, I put Kaylee in the cute dress that my mom made her and we headed outside to take some cute pictures.  She was actually really excited about them and wanted to look at every picture after I took it.  It was a lot of fun and I am in LOVE with all of these pictures.



* * * *
On Saturday we had a pretty low key day.  It was just the girls & I all day, daddy went out shooting with some friends.  It felt like such a long day cause the girls decided that as soon as daddy left they were going to fighting and argue all morning till nap time.  They both took a good nap and I napped too.  Kaylee woke up and came out to watch some cartoons while Keira slept.  Keira woke up and they watched TV for a little bit and then the arguing and fighting began again until right before daddy got home.  We then had some friends over for dinner and the girls ending up going to bed later than their normal time.  I was able to finish Kendall's coming home outfit and leg warmers, its all packed and waiting for her.
On Sunday, we got up early and we were all ready by 8:30 to leave and head up to see Jason's grandparents new house.  Can I just say I AM IN LOVE.  There new house is beautiful.  It's up in the mountains, as soon as you walk in every window you look out there is an awesome view.  It was so quiet and peaceful there.  We made lunch and enjoyed the beautiful weather and view out on the deck.  I could totally live there.  The girls had a good time.  We left to come home around 4, after Keira had tantrum of all tantrums.  She was beyond tired and was super upset cause I passed her off to daddy (she's getting to heavy for me to hold her)

I mean isn't this beautiful!?



  1. Love all the pics! Kaylee does look so grown up, gorgeous!!

  2. OH my goodness---love that house:) And my kids had one of those squabbling mornings too today---aaah, somedays!


  3. You make beautiful babies! Can't wait to see how pretty Kendall is!

    As I was scrolling down through Kaylee's pictures, I was ready to comment on which one was my favorite, but then I kept loving more so I will just say I love them ALL! :)

  4. Gorgeous pictures of your big girl!! She is beautiful:)

  5. Cute pics---love her pigtails especially!

  6. She is such a beautiful little girl, Joeylee!

    And, I absolutely LOVE Kendall's going-home outfit! Can't wait to see her in it. :)

  7. She is beatuful! wonderful pictures

  8. ok that should say beautiful...

  9. Love all of the pictures!!! Kaylees hair is absolutely adorable!! Is it naturally that curly?
    And the house, Beautiful!!! =)

  10. The pics of Kaylee.... are my favorite of her! She's gorgeous!!

  11. Those eyes!! Ahh..she is beautiful!

  12. Hi Joeylee! I'm a new follower of your blog! Congrats on soon-to-be adding a third girl to your beautiful family!!! Your girls are adorable!!

  13. Seriously, these girls are SO DARN CUTE!! Cannot wait to meet sweet & sassy number THREE! :)