Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What's in our hospital bags...

Thanks for all the guesses yesterday on when you think Kendall will arrive, it will be fun to see who gets the closest or heck even right on!

At my dr appt on Monday 10.15.12 (37 w 3d check up) when she measured me I'm measuring 33 weeks, so she ordered me to have another u/s which I go for tomorrow 10.18.12.  I am excited to see our sweet girl again.  They are doing a growth u/s just to make sure she's growing ok.  The dr thinks she's fine and that Miss Kendall hides well when I lay down.  This is all to familiar for me since I had do to these same u/s with Keira.  But just keep us in your thoughts tomorrow that baby girl is growing healthy.  I am also interested to see how much this little one is weighing in at so I can get an idea of what I'm dealing with when it comes to labor time.  At my last u/s appt (34w 3d) she weighed 4lbs 14oz.  I'll report back tomorrow with how my u/s went but I will not be revealing her weight though!

I decided that at 35 weeks or so I should pack Kendall's & my hospital bags and have them ready cause you just never know and if I left it up to Jason to pack it, then we'd be in big trouble! LOL Kendall's hospital bag is totally packed and ready to go and most of my bag is packed (minus the stuff I use on a daily basis that will get put in there before leaving to the hospital).  Its a good feeling to know that our bag is packed and it's one less thing that I have to worry about.  I looked on pinterest and asked people what I should pack cause honestly I was drawing a blank when it came time to pack our bags.  Our bags our in the closet just waiting for when I tell Jason "its TIME!!" 
Let me know if I'm missing anything...
1. a change of clothes & going home outfit
2. socks / undies / sports bra
3. Ipad
4. camera (not pictured, using it to take the pics)
5. phone / charger
6. magazines / book
7. tooth brush / tooth paste / body wash / shampoo / make up remover / makeup
8. wallet
1. 2 outfits ( different sizes N & 0-3) & coming home outfit
2. 2 different pacifiers
3. 2 hats & bows
4. socks & crochet booties
5. blanket & muslin
6. cuddly hippo the girls picked out for her
7. 4 - N diapers (I know they provide diapers but there's are size 1 and big)

{Kendall's whole bag has a pink & grey theme, which was totoally unplanned when I was packing}
1. magazines
2. snacks / drinks
3. phone
4. laptop
(daddy's bag isn't packed at all, as long as he has his phone to surf the internet on he'll be happy, his list is just an added bonus)


  1. those lil outfits for her are adorable!

  2. How fun! Now just add baby! ;-)

  3. Glad to hear someone who actually doesn't overpack for the hospital. I've seen on the Internet and Pinterest lists for the hospital and they are RIDICULOUS! I mean, they had razors on there! Who in their right mind wants to shave their legs right after giving birth?!

  4. Oh my gosh I love everything in her bag- so cute and pink :)

  5. Great job packing! I felt like I took way too much last time. Her little bag full of goodies is so cute with all the pink and grey! Looks like we may be packing our bags sooner rather than later after my appt. today so this helps!

  6. Ok. So I totally overpacked and am now removing things from my bag. ha ha! I thought I brought too much when my son was born so I cut it waaay down this time - BUT it's still a lot more than you are taking. I'm seriously impressed! :-)

    I love Kendall's coming home outfit!

  7. My bag was so full of stuff I couldn't even carry it, I literally packed ever single item named on any site I researched on. it was crazy. I barely used any of it, well quite a few, but not all. my one regret was not bringing more baby stuff I had to have Adam go back to the house and grab a cozy blanket and onsies because it was so cold in the hospital!! it looks like you have the perfect amount for mama and baby!!

  8. I never had time to pack a hospital bag! I went for a checkup and was admitted into the hospital, and didn't come out until after I had Emma =) So my hubby went home and packed bags for us =)