Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Keira is 23 months old


Oh man, you are a month away from turning 2!  TWO, I cant even wrap my head around the fact that your 2nd birthday is right around the corner.  I cant believe how fast this year has gone by.  I cant believe all that you've learned and accomplished in a year.  How much you've grown and changed in just a year.  You are such a sweet girl and this past month has become even more attached to mommy.  I love all the attention I get from you, I just hope you don't get really jealous when your little sister arrives and I cant give you all the attention that I give you now.  You have finally started calling Kaylee by her name instead of always calling her Keira.  LOL  You went months calling Kaylee, by your name.  Finally after repeating ourselves like a millions times telling you her name was Kaylee you are now finally calling her by the right name.  It was funny cause when we would show you pictures of Kaylee and ask you who it was you would say "Kaylee".  Silly girl.  You are so smart and have a temper like no other.  Your new thing lately is hitting, which I hope you grow out of fast, you find yourself in time out a lot for hitting Kaylee.
I love you to the moon and back sweet girl and I cant wait to celebrate your birthday next month!
Love, Mommy
SLEEPING:  this month you continue to sleep really well.  This month you've also hit a big milestone, you no longer sleep with a BINKY.  Getting rid of your binks was a lot easier than I thought it would be.  Lets be honest you were pretty attached to that binks at nap and bed time.  But I noticed that is was falling apart so I cut the tip off and gave it to you and you didn't want it.  From then on you haven't even asked for it.  YAY one less thing I have to worry about.  I am so proud of you.  You are still taking ONE nap a day for about 3 hours.
POTTY TRAINING:  I know last month I talked about you being totally interested and actually using the potty and then you got sick.  Once you were all better you haven't been interested in the potty what's so ever.  Which is ok, cause I wasn't forcing the potty training on you at all.  I wasn't planning on trying to potty train you until after you turned 2. 
EATING:  this month has been ok in the eating department.  You use to be such an awesome eater and would eat absolutely anything.  Now you have started to get a little picky on what you want to eat.  You use to eat any veggie that I put in front of you, now I have to try and hide it so you eat it.  You still love all fruits and most meats.  I'm just hoping that once you hit 2 you don't become super picky like your sister and not want to eat anything except a few select foods.
Weight: 23lbs
Height: 34"
Clothes: 24 months / 2T
Shoes: 6
Diaper: 4
Hair: medium brown
Eyes: dark blue

* the tantrums, oh the tantrums!  this month your tantrums have been bad.  sometimes you will cry and throw a tantrum for no aparant reason.  You will go on for about 10-15 minutes before you settle down and realize that your crying for no reason and you come out happier as can be!

* your favorite cartoons are SPONGEBOB & BUBBLE GUPPIES

* you got promoted to BIG SISTER on 10.27.12 and you are seriously obessed with your sister (that's a whole post in itself)
* we picked out the theme and have almost all the decor done for your party.  Mommy just needs to figure out the time, what were going to eat and make your invitations.
* at nap time you sleep in your pack n play in mommy & daddy's room.  The reason you sleep in our room is because you and Kaylee play and it takes you both well over 2 hours to finally fall asleep or sometimes you don't fall asleep.  And baby girl you still need your naps!  So that mommy doesn't lose her sanity you sleep in our room and you sleep really well in there.
* lately you think it's really funny to crawl around the house pretending to be a dog.  You even make the panting noises and stick your tounge out like a dog, its pretty funny!
* as mommy's pregnancy came to an end you become very cuddly and even more attached to me.  You wouldn't even let daddy hold you, you only wanted me.  And I felt bad when I had to pass you off to daddy anyways cause you became to heavy to hold. 
 * I think your 2 year molars are coming in and its been a little rough on you.  Some nights you've been waking up multiple times.  I think its been a little more rough on you since you don't have your pacifier to chew on or to soothe yourself.  We might be going to get you a new pacifier cause mommy doesn't know how she'll be able to handle both you and Kendall waking up at night.  Mommy does need some sort of sleep.  Plus you make it really difficult cause you only like this ONE certain pacifier!

* you have been talking up a storm and also repeating everything, so we have to really watch what we say around you! 

* you love to try and sing the ABCs with Kaylee when she sings it, it's so cute!

* you are in LOVE with your orangie, which is pictured in all these pictures. You cannot take a nap or go to bed at night without him.  You carry him around the house and sometimes he even runs errands with us.

* you can count to 5
 * you still LOVE reading books, I often find you in your room by yourself with all your books scattered all around you reading them all.  I'm so glad you like your books.

* you love to be outside and go for walks

* you are my little dancing queen, I think dance classes are in your future.  And you have some rythum for being so little!

* Mommy is letting your bangs grow out and when you don't have a bow or clip in they cover your eyes and you cant see.

* you are still loving your puzzles and can do them pretty quick!

* every night before bed you have to make sure to give Kaylee a hug and a kiss good night, its so cute.  Some nights you like to doddle and give Kaylee kisses over and over.

* some mornings when I go into your room in the mornings I will find you pantless and diaperless!  When you pee pee you will take your diaper off.  Mommy now has to put you in onesies when you go to bed so you cant take your diaper off!

* you love the movies Madagascar 3 and Ice Age 4

* you are obsessed with shoes, you like to put on anyone and everyones shoes

* you like bath time

* SHAPES YOU KNOW:  circle, heart, star, diamond, oval, square and rectangle

* COLORS YOU KNOW: blue, black, purple and sometimes red.  We are still working on all the other colors

* you are still very much a mommy's girl!



  1. She is beautiful! And Congratulations!! I thought you might have had Miss Kendall since we didn't hear from you in a couple of days- hope everything went well and you are getting some rest! Can't wait to see pictures :)

  2. Cute pics!

    And seriously, where is the baby announcement post--I mean, it's not like you should be busy or anything during the day! ;-) hehe

  3. Way to sneak in a mini birth announcement. Ha! Well I am glad that miss Keira is adapting well and she is just such a pretty little girl. Can't believe she'll be two in a month!

  4. She's adorable! I've been wondering about you and when you commented on my blog I thought you hadn't had the baby yet :)

  5. Pretty pretty girl!!! I can't believe she is so close to 2!

  6. oh my goodness, I can't get over the cuteness!! She is just a doll. And her hair!!! I just love it!

  7. I cannot believe how long her hair has gotten! She looks so grown up. And how in the world is she already almost two? I feel like I was just reading the post/looking at the pictures from her first birthday!

  8. Those big eyes are to die for! My oldest son just turned 2 on the 20th of October. She is so pretty!