Monday, April 8, 2013

A fun visit from Mimi, Papa, Uncle Jake & Justin

It's been almost a year since my parents last visit.
So when my mom told me that they were going to be coming for a visit the week of spring break, I was excited and so were the girls.  That meant they got to see Uncle Justin.
They arrived on Saturday evening around 7:00.  We were at Jason's aunt's house celebrating Easter.  As soon as we were done, I texted my mom to let her know we were on our way home.  They wanted to come by and say hi and my mom couldn't wait to meet her 3rd grandbaby!  I didn't get any pictures cause the girls & uncle Justin were running around and being crazy that night.  The girls went to bed well after bed time.
Sunday mid morning they stopped by again to say hi real quick before heading to go meet up with my brother for lunch. {again no pictures}
Monday we were suppose to hang out but then Jason asked if we would be able to on Tuesday instead cause he had plans to take me to the beach {more details about our beach date to come on Monday!}
Tuesday {4.2.13} finally rolled around.  We made plans to go to the mall to get Kendall's ears pierced {my mom has come with me with all the girls, she takes before and after pictures and also videos it}  I picked up my mom and little brother and we headed to the mall, our first stop was Claire's.  While we waited for the person {they were talking with a customer} we had some fun trying on funky glasses and having a good ol' time.

After playing around the guy was ready to help us and pierce Kendall's ears.  She started out fussy cause it was time to eat.  But she did really well.  She cried after both piercings but only for a few seconds and then was totally fine and back to her smily self.

Once we finished there we headed to Target so that my brother could spend his birthday money from us.  The girls also brought their money to buy something.  Justin ended up getting 2 Spongebob movies & the girls picked out some new books {Where the wild things are, Doc McStuffins & a Little Critter book}

After getting our stuff at Target I dropped my mom off at my grandparents house so she could do laundry.  I headed home with the girls so they could take a nap.  When the girls woke up from their naps we met up with my mom, step dad and 2 brother {Justin & Jake} at the park.  The girls had a great time running around.

We've had a great visit with my parents.  They leave Wednesday to head down south to take my little brother to Disneyland for the first time.  He should have a blast!!


  1. Cute pics! Looks like a great weekend! I got K's ears pierced when she was 2 months old at our peditrician and plan on doing the samething with baby A. I just think little girls look so cute with their ears pierced and it's much easier to do them while they are babies then when they get older. I'm saying that from experience too! I almost walked away with only one ear pierced and didn't even care. LOL

  2. Great photos. Looks like you guys had a great weekend.

  3. Great pics--love the glasses ones!

    I have really sensitive ears and can only wear 24 ct gold earrings---I'm worried the girls will also have trouble so we're waiting until they specifically ask for them. I'd beb more tempted if I knew they'd be able to wear cheap earrings haha. The other day though Raya saw someone getting them done at Claire's and she asked if it hurt...when I told her it pinched a little like a shot she said no thank you LOL

  4. Cute pics!!! Looks like y'all had a great time together! And good choice by your girls on the books - we LOVE Where the Wild Things Are. We own the movie, too - also great!!