Friday, April 26, 2013

Currently & an IPhone dump

I'm watching... Phineas and Ferb and watching the older girls play nicely with there train set.

I'm reading... Nicholas Sparks, The Last Song.  I just started it so I'm not sure if I like it or not yet.

I'm listening to... Pandora {phillip phillips radio}

I'm thinking about... getting my wisdom teeth pulled on Monday 4.29.13 and how I am absolutely NOT looking foward to it.  I am soooooo afraid of the dentist.

I need to... get everything ready for the girls and I, we will be spending 2 nights at Jason's mom so she can take care of me and the girls after my dentist appt.

I'm creating... awesome stuff for Kaylee's pool party birthday in May!

I'm cooking... we are having lasagna for dinner...YUM

I'm shopping for... things for Kaylee's birthday party

I'm organizing... all of baby Kendall's clothes that are too small {newborn through 3-6 months}  I will be selling them, if your interested in seeing what I have let me know.

I'm proud of... my sweet guy.  He is working hard in TEXAS and the girls & I are very proud of him.  We also cant wait to see him hopefully soon.

I'm looking forward to... my guy coming home soon.  It's been 3 weeks today since he's been gone and we are missing daddy a lot!

I'm loving... my sweet girls and of course my sweet guy

I'm very greatful for... my family but most of all Jason's mom for all the help she's given me while Jason's been gone and for taking care of the girls & I after my dental work

Our plans for this week... well it's friday, so that means Kaylee & Keira go to grandmas house to spend the night.  Saturday morning I will be dropping Kendall off at grandma's cause I have to go do some manditory work at Kaylee's school {she goes to a private school} and Sunday I will be getting everything ready for Monday.

* * * *


  1. I read that book. I just can't remember it. Such cute photos as always!! I'm glad your man will be home soon!!! Have a good weekend!

  2. Yay for Grandma helping---have a great weekend!

  3. cute post! i bet you are so so excited for your hunny to get home:) i know i would be after that long too!

  4. Lovely pictures and your girls are adorable. Just wanted to share with you how funny it was to find your blog I was actually looking for one of our past campaigns called "sweet & sassy" collection on google and for some reason I got curious to see your blog and wow what a surprise I love it and those girls are ADORABLE! happy to find your blog :)
    Vintage Inspired Girls

  5. Adorable! :) I always love seeing your IG feed!