Thursday, April 11, 2013

Growing Up

As I sit here in the silence with the background noise of the TV, I cant help but think of how fast my kids are growing up.  Inperticular my youngest.  I am still in disbelief that at the end of this month on April 27th that my baby girl will be 6 months old.  A half a year, I mean seriously where the heck has the time gone.  I hate that its gone by so fast.  She's grown out of that newborn squishy stage into the infant stage. 

A half a year, how can we possibly be almost here already!?  Our sweet girl has been a part of our family for almost 6 months now.  I cant imagine not having her as part of our family.  I just cant believe how fast she's grown up.  It seems like she's grown so much faster than her sisters, it makes me sad.  The past few days have been pretty rough for both of us.  Little miss is teething and she isn't the best teether.  With Kaylee she was the best teether, she was never cranky or clingy, she was happy as could be.  Keira was a bad teether too, she was whiny and super clingy.  I have a feeling Kendall is going to be the same way as Keira.  We've had a few sleepless nights and lots and lots of snuggling.  It does make it a little hard to get things done when all she wants to do is be held.

 As I watch my last baby grow from a newborn to an infant, I am relishing in all her baby glory.  I am enjoying her sweet smell, all those baby giggles, the way her hair curls when she's sweaty or its wet, the smile she gets when she see's me each morning, the way she looks at her daddy just melts my heart, the way she's facinated with her sisters and their crazy shenanigans.  The other day she sat up unassisted for almost a mintue.  Usually little miss wants nothing to do with sitting up and in the past when I tried she would arch her back and start crying.  She's turning into such a big girl!

I love you to the moon and back sweet girl, but can you pretty please with sugar on top stop growing up so darn fast?!  Mommy would really appriciate it, ok thanks!  I am enjoying you being this little cause let me tell you, your sisters have some serious attitude these days and I'm not really ready yet to have all 3 of you with attitudes! haha

I'm happy that daddy is embarking on this new job journey now, although he's missing out on some of Kendall's milestones, I'm glad that she wont be to able to really remember that daddy was gone.  Being alone and having to take care of the kids and trying to keep the house in order has been hard.  I'm thankful for all the family that is around to help.  Im really surprised at how well both girls are doing without daddy.  Don't get me wrong they miss him, cause they say it all the time and I'll catch them in their rooms where they think so one is watching pretending to talk to daddy on their play phones.

Kaylee I cant believe that in 32 days you will be 4!  I will have a 4 year old.  She is doing awesome in school and has a lot of friends {most of them boys}.  She loves to be outside, her newest obsession is riding her bike {finally}.  She's so smart and catches on to new things so quickly, just like her daddy.  The kid can put together a 60 piece puzzle in minutes, it amazes me each time.  She loves to trace letters and write her name {she's interested in writing everyone else's name too}.  I get asked quite often if Kaylee & Keira are twins, which is weird to me.  The girls don't really look alike at all, I think people ask maybe because the girls are almost the same height!  You are the funniest little girl and you have your dad and I laughing all the time.  But I love when your sweet side shows and you say sweet things, like when mommy and daddy were going on our beach date {the day we got engaged} and you told me "wow mommy you look really pretty" it was sweet cause I wasn't wearing anything fancy either {jeans and cute t-shirt}.

Keira, wow you are one stubburn little girl!  You like to test your limits and most of the time you end up of time out.  Although you love your little sister bunches and bunches, you can be a little rough!  You will often be found playing by yourself instead of with others.  You don't really like share and will get extremely mad if Kaylee gets something that you weren't playing with at the time but you may have been playing with hours before!  And my gosh can you eat, where on earth you put all the food I have no idea!  I think you can eat more than me.  I love when you run up to me at random times throughout the day just to say "I luba you mommy", melts my heart each time!



  1. They do grow too fast! It's funny that Kaylee likes to play with the boys...Raya continues to be HORRIFIED at the thought of playing with boys (although Sawyer doesn't count lol). My mom was telling me that Raya apparently told her that she doesn't like to play with boys because they call her a "poopy head" haha. I would agree with her that boys are pretty immature hehe ;-)

  2. I am super sad at how fast this is going too. :( I sure wish there were a way to slow it down!

    I love the close up pic. of her eye!

  3. She's so beautiful - I love the last pic!

  4. she's the cutest thing ever! :o