Thursday, April 4, 2013

Were ENGAGED & have a BIG announcement!

April 1st, 2013 will be etched in my heart forever

It was a day full of fun, excitment, love, surprise & shock
It was a day I'll always remember.
A couple days prior to Monday April 1st, Jason told me he had the day off and suggested that we do something fun just him & I {and the baby} since the girls would be at his moms.  It was going to be really nice to be able to spend the day with him doing something we both love, being at the beach.
The plan was to go to Santa Cruz but then he started talking about this cement boat and asked me if I'd seen it, I hadn't so he decided we needed to go to Sea Cliffs instead.
We dropped the girls off at his moms house and headed out.  It took us a little longer to get there than normal cause we got pulled over for tinted windows {the officer was really nice and checked all of our car seats which are now strapped down and inserted properly}.  We then ran into traffic from an accident {we saw 3 accidents on the way there}.  We finally made it to our destination.  The weather was beautiful, the sun was shining, the wind was blowing just right and the sound of the waves crashing was like music to my ears.
We walked down to the end of pier to check out the cement boat {man did it smell really bad}  The boat has been docked at that pier since before 1922 and since it's been there for so long at some point part of the ship broke and sunk.  Jason remembers when he was younger being able to walk on to the boat and it being gated off where the boat broke towards the back.  It was really cool to see.

After checking out the cement boat, we walked back down the pier to go sit on the beach.  Jason set up the beach towels for us to sit on.  The dog loved laying down in the warm sand.  We sat down and watched the waves crashing in and just talked.  We walked along the beach hand in hand and switched off holding the baby.


Daddy sat down on the blanket with the baby and was talking to her and she was just getting the biggest smile on her face, it was seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen.  It was a special moment and I'm glad I was there to witness their father/daughter bond and Kendall's love for her daddy really shine!


At this point the baby started to get really fussy.  It was around 1:00 in the afternoon and it was past her nap time.  So daddy was trying to keep her calm.  I turned around and bent over to get her pacifier out of the back pack and when I turned back around Jason was down on one knee holding the baby in one hand and the ring in the other.  I was completely surprised!!  He then asked me to marry him.  I asked him 3 times if he was being serious {I mean it was April fools after all}  he kept telling me he was being serious.  After the 3rd yes I'm serious, I said YES, duh!

11 years & 3 kids later, he finally asked and I course said YES!

the ring is a little over a 1/2 carrot

After he asked I may have done a little happy dance in front of the people that were standing there watching.  Seriously it was the best day of my life {right up there with the birth of my kiddos}. 

The baby finally fell asleep and I was calling and texting everyone!
After making all my calls, we sat on the beach for a little longer.  I had a HUGE smile on my face the rest of the day!  Every girl dreams of this moment, and I am so happy that I'll be able to marry my best friend.
While sitting there we saw 6 dolphins, Jason said dolphins are a sign of good luck!!
It was so cool and special.


if our engagement wasn't BIG enough news, we have another BIG announcement...


This has been in the works for awhile now but we weren't sure when it would finally happen, then Jason got the call he had been waiting for. He'll be leaving tomorrow morning April 5th for this new start. The girls and I will be staying behind in CA while he does his training and then we will be moving out there in July.

Jason has been given a job opportunity that he just cant pass up!
He's been given a job as an MWD on a drilling rig.
MWD stands for Measurement While Drilling in the oil & gas industry. The simplest way to describe MWD is to relate it to the measurements a pilot takes. A pilot needs to know the direction they are flying (North, South, East, or West), the angle they are flying at (up, down, or horizontal), and what type of skies they will be flying through (rough, choppy, cloudy, rainy, etc.). Like a pilot a directional driller needs to know these items about the ground formations that they are drilling through. MWD provides this information. Previous to MWD measurements were taken at various parts of the drilling process, but MWD has allowed these measurements to be sent to the surface continuously while the hole is being drilled. This allows for faster drilling, more accurate drilling, and safer drilling.


We are moving from sunny CA to the Lone Star State of


I am excited for all the new adventures that will be happening with our wedding and our big move.  I am nervous too about being a "single" mom while Jason is gone doing his training.  He could possibly be gone for a month before he's able to come back home for a visit.  But I a good support system with all his family and some of my family around to help out.

Say a little prayer for me that I'm able to keep my sanity while daddy is away and for our BIG move in July.  I'm not sure which part of Texas were moving to yet but it will be close to San Antonio.

{more details coming soon}


  1. Daaaaaaaaaaang girl! Your family is going through major changes! But good ones!! So excited for you!!!! Can't wait to come to the wedding either... hehe :)

  2. Wow!! Congratulations on the engagement and the move! So happy for you.

  3. Congratulations on both the engagement and the new job/move! Alot of changes but they sound wonderful!

  4. Congrats!!How exciting to be starting new in Texas....

  5. CONGRATS JOEYLEE!!!! I love this story, LOVE that your littlest was there and it sounds like it was a perfect day! And that's so awesome about his new job. You guys are obviously having a REALLY great month and I'm so excited for you. :)

  6. What a perfect engagement! I'm so happy for you! Busy rest of the year for your family! Congrats!

  7. What a lot of great news! Congrats! And, you will do great while he is gone! Joe is gone every single week, Monday morning through Friday and I am home alone, in a new area away from all family and it goes surprisingly well for us. :)

  8. omg! i didn't even think about April fools day! That would have been such a cruel cruel joke! lol Sounds like such a beautiful day, and great memories. And that's great about the new job! We'll miss you guys here in Cali but I hear Texas is fun too! :) ps i'm dying over those lil baby glasses she's sportin.

  9. I am so so so happy and excited for you!! Can't wait to hear all the wedding planning details!! :) Those pics of K smiling with Dad are SO sweet. Congrats!!
    And a move to TX - so fun!!

  10. Oh wow, I'm guessing he will be working in the Eagle Ford shale :) And congrats on your engagement!!!!!

    P.S. San Antonio is awesome! I hope you love it.

  11. EEEK!!!! SO EXCITING!! CONGRATS LADY!!! :) :) Your ring is gorgeous!!! What a beautiful story. THe pictures are gorgeous :) I am so happy for you. And texas??!? wow!!! Big move. Lots of exciting happenings :)

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  13. Congrats on your engagement and move! We live in CA as well, but I am originally from Oklahoma and lived in TX for a while. I have tons of family and friends there so visit all the time! It's definitely a change but the people are so nice and the food is great! Good luck with all the planning :)


  14. What an awesome post! Congratulations on the engagement. I can't wait to hear all about the wedding planning :) Your ring is beautiful!

    Congrats on the big move coming up soon. That is exciting!

    PS - I saw the engagement on Instagram so I've just been waiting for this post, haha. You are all such an adorable family!

  15. Wow congratulations on everything! Such an exciting time for you and your family!

  16. Wow, YAY!!!! How hilarious that he proposed on April Fool's Day hehe---creative! And exciting about the move! I think you should have had to move to a cold snowy state---not really fair you get to keep living in all these warm places LOL ;-) Texas has a pretty low cost of living though I've heard, so maybe it'll be easier to get a house!

    Can't wait to read more about your new you have a date set for the wedding?

  17. I couldn't get to your blog fast enough to wish you a BIG CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!!!!!!! All of these changes are so exciting and I am sure the girls are over the moon. I will keep you and your sweet family in my prayers as you deal with life and the big changes that are ahead. I can't wait to read all about them! <>

  18. Wow, engaged, moving and new home!! I am so excited for you!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Congratulations!!!!!!! On the engagement and on the new job! Very exciting! Fabulous post... great news and adorable pictures. The ones of Kendall and her daddy melted my heart.

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  25. WooHoo!!! Congrats all around!!! Congrats on the engagement and on becoming a Texan!! We can't wait to have you here.

    We are just down the road in Houston, too if you end up in SA - about 3 hours! We'll have to have a meet up sometime and let all our kiddos play!

    Congrats again!

  26. Oh - and forgot to mention how beautiful your ring is, too!!!

  27. Wow, that is big news all around. Congrats! Are you going to try and have the wedding before you move?

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