Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How were doing without daddy & wedding ideas

While daddy is away I'm playing the part of "single" mom and man is it hard work!
I knew this change wasn't going to be easy, I think it's been harder on me than the girls.  Daddy left last Friday April 5th and I started missing him later that day.  With his training he's not sure when he'll get his first break and be able to come home for a short time, which makes it hard.  The girls ask me almost everyday when daddy is coming home.  I just hate the looks on their poor little faces when I tell them I'm not sure, daddy is working.  Looking at their sad little faces just breaks my heart, they don't really understand.  They know daddy is in Texas, but they don't understand that Texas is far away and daddy can just come home and be here in 30-45 minutes like before.
Were trying to get back into our normal routine, Kaylee is back to school this week after being off for Spring Break last week!  I'm just trying to stick with our normal routine and trying to make this adjustment for all of us a little easier.  The girls get to talk to daddy each night before they go to bed, which they love!  Daddy heads out tomorrow 4.10.13 to actually start training {they were moving the rig} so I'm sure I wont be able to talk to him as much as I have the past few days.  He'll be training 6am-6pm.
How the girls have been:
The girls seem to be taking this change pretty well.  I was afraid that they would really start acting out and not listening to me at all, knowing that daddy wouldn't be here to have my back.  They seem to adjusting just fine.  We are only a week in, so things might change and they might start asking for daddy more or if were lucky daddy will get to come back home for a visit!  But they are doing well and we are all just taking it one day at a time.  The girls have been getting along pretty well, which is nice for me.  The past 3 days the baby has been super whiny/cranky due to teething!  That hasn't been fun.  I am happy to say last night was the first night in the past 2 nights that I got a full nights sleep!  Kendall doesn't really know daddy is gone, but it does make me sad to think of all the things he'll miss out on with her. {anything new}
How I've been:
For me this whole thing has been hard for me!  I hate the fact that I don't know when he'll be home.  I hate not being able to see his face, hold his hand or even give him a kiss, just the little things we all take for granted.  I miss him more and more each day.  But to try and keep myself busy I've been chasing the girls around, taking care of a cranky baby, cleaning up the house a millions times, doing endless amounts of laundry and getting many many many ideas for our wedding!  I'm just hoping things will get a little easier.  After the girls go to bed at 8pm each night, I get so lonely by myself!
We do have a few things written down that we want for the wedding
* We will be getting married in 2014 here in CA
* We will be using white hydrageas as our flowers
* We almost have our colors narrowed down {grey, white and I need to figure out a pop of color}
Here are some of my wedding ideas I'm loving...
& my favorite part so far, looking at wedding dresses.  I'm LOVING these dresses!  I cant wait to start trying dresses on.


  1. Good luck Mama! I can't imagine...Lee takes off for his annual camping/fishing trip next month and I'm already dreading being a single mom for one week!

    Love the wedding ideas!

  2. I'm playing the part of a single mom while my husband is deployed and it is so hard! But it gets easier, trust me! The busier you are, the faster it goes. If you ever need to vent or talk, I'm always here!

  3. Looks like pink could be your accent color given your inspiration board! Hang in there, single parenting is so hard.

  4. Love all the wedding ideas!! SO much fun :)

  5. Sounds like things are going well! I get to play single mom for 3 months this year (not consecutive at least). But the first one will be throughout May :( not looking forward to it! And you have 3 little ones whew! On a different note, I LOVE your wedding inspirations!! Hydrangeas are my favorite :) so beautiful... Happy Wedding Planning to you!

    1. things are going pretty well, just trying to stay busy. good luck in May, I'm sure you'll do fine. Thank you. The wedding planning is keeping me busy too. Hydrangeas are my favorite too.

  6. Hopefully you got a second full nights sleep last night! And LOVE hydrangeas. That will be absolutely beautiful.

  7. love all your wedding ideas too, Pinterest is a heaven send, i found there this super cute picture of a little boy walking down the aisle holding a big sign that says "Hey Daddy,Here comes your bride!" i picture one of your big girls doing that, it's the cutest thing you should see it.

  8. I'm sure that has to be difficult!
    Enjoy the wedding planning-so exciting!