Thursday, February 9, 2012

I need to stop compairing myself!

This quote really hits home for me because this happens to me quite often.
In my head I think I'm suppose to be raising my girls a different way.
The way I picture raising my girls in my head is totally different than the relaity!
Sometimes I am so hard on myself for not being the perfect mom and I often find myself compairing myself with other moms.  I know that is a total no no and I shouldn't do that but it's hard not to.

For example:  after I read Kelle's blog I feel like I need to be more present and do more fun things with my girls.  I know she is a normal mom but it always seems like she has to much fun with her girls.  I don't know if it's the way she writes about all her wonderful experiences with her girls or her pictures but after I feel the need to up my game and try to be like her. It's not just her there's other mommies that after reading what they do on their blog I feel the need to do it to even if it's something we don't normally do!  But lets face it I'm not her or any other person, I'm ME and I need to realize that I'm a good mom and that I don't need to compare myself with other moms.  That my girls love ME for the mom that I am. 

I pinned this quote for my girls but I guess I need to follow it myself.  I need to be me not anyone else!
I don't know if I'm being hard on myself cause I've been down lately, I've been stressed out with all the crying cause of Keira's teeth, the fighting the girls do with high screams from both girls or Kaylee sassing back.  I'm gonna keep it real, my household is not PERFECT, we have hard days and this past week has been a hard week for not only the girls but for me.  I don't know why I'm so stressed about it cause I've had a lot of help with Jason.  It might be cause Keira only wants me.

So my goal for the rest of this month and every month to follow is to *try* to stop stressing out over the little things, to stop comparing myself with other moms, to have faith that everything will be fine and to be more present in my girls life.  I want to take in every new thing they do, all the fun they have together, the fun we have as a family and to just be us, whatever that us may be!!

Sometimes I feel bad cause I just don't feel like doing anything so we stay in our pajamas all day and play around the house and watch movies.  Sometimes my anxiety gets the better of me and I wish it didn't!  I hate that I have anxiety and that sometimes it grounds me to my house.  I try so hard each day to not let it affect me but somedays it just gets the best of me!

Last night while the girls wrestled nicely, I stopped everything I was doing and enjoyed watching them.  Watching the laughter, the bond and the joy that they have for each other.  When I see this happen I tell myself "see your doing something right".


  1. Oh I LOVED this post Joeylee! What a perfect reminder that EVERY woman needs to read. That goes for single girls, married girls, mama's, etc. We all need to stop comparing and just be ourselves. And to be happy and satisfied with who we are.
    You're the BEST!

  2. Awww, don't be so hard on yourself. Remember that every blog post isn't a 100% glimpse into someone's life, no matter how honest they portray it to be. Your girls are happy and healthy. Want to feel normal? Come join a fun linkup on Monday's... It started with this post:

  3. Love the quotes.

    And I feel the same way alot of times. Am I being the best mom? What can I do differently? She is doing this with her kids, I should be doing that, etc. And sometimes? I've thought that about you and your girls! So take pride in that! I say, "I should do that craft that Joeylee did with her babes!" etc etc. See??? theres always someone thinking about what a great mom you are or wanting what you have and you dont even know it :)

    youre a great momma!

  4. Awesome post! I think I have most of those same quotes pinned too. I think every mom feels like this a lot of the time--It seems like you're doing a great job and your girls always look so happy!! :-)

  5. LOVE THIS! I just read a great post on this from The Better Mom blog. You should look it up! I feel this way a lot! But you seem like a great Mom!

  6. Well said! I need to learn from your post too. I love all the quotes. I think we all do it, but we all need to realize that although different, we're all the best mom's to OUR kids in our own ways! We all need pajama days! I love reading other blogs to get ideas, but it's definitely hard not to compare myself. Great post!

  7. I think all moms can totally relate to this. But just remember, you are the perfect mom for YOUR girls!! Nobody else would even do half as great as you do! All of our lives and the "seasons" we're in might be different, but remember that although someone else's life might be different, or seem better, there is no better mom out there for your girls than you =)

  8. I so need this post. And I'm sure your girls absolutely adore you. Love it. And your blog! Newest reader!

  9. excellent post!! so very true. i really have to remind myself that we never have a full picture/understanding of someone else's life, so a lot of times i'm "imagining" what their life is probably like it's pointless. :) it's hard not to compare though...we're hard on ourselves as mommas! i know you're an awesome mom to your precious girls!! :)

  10. You are an awesome mom! I think you do SO many fun things with your girls. I feel this way all the time too, so thanks for the post!

  11. I think we all have feelings like this and they are just amplified when you are part of the blogging world! I can tell that you are an amazing Mommy and you do so many wonderful thing with your girls. Don't be too hard on yourself and don't compare- your girls are so lucky to have you!