Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Randoms

1.  Can I just say how much I HATE teething?  For the past week in a half or more Keira has been teething and is getting between 4-6 new teeth (most are her molars).  This past week in a half I feel like I have newborn all over again.  She's waking up multiple times a night, has been crabby, wants mommy to hold her all day and screams when I put her down for 5 seconds to go to the bathroom.  My only saving grace is naptime cause she takes a nice long 4 hour nap. So cross your fingers for me that her teeth hurry up and come in and I can get back to sleeping through the night!!

2. Keira's vocabulary has taken off this month.  She jabbers all day and don't ask me what the heck she's saying but when she does use her words she says a lot.  Her new words....peees (please), ank you (thank you), ball, bowl, chew chew, no no, sissy, yum & hmm good.  She is such a character!

3.  I don't think we have any big plans for this weekend.  We'll probably be just hanging around the house.  I am going to start working on sewing projects this weekend while the girls nap.  I'm going to attempt to make a dress for Keira and then make ruffle pants for both the girls.  I need to work on figure out how to make the waist part.  So I'll be going to Wal Mart to get solid color fabric.

4.  I know I have 3 months until Kaylee's birthday but I'm working on making a shopping list and finishing up the last of her decor.  I have a few more things to make and finish making her shirt and her whole birthday outfit will be finished.  She is going to look so cute.  I'm also getting some ideas for her 3 year pictures too.  I know you probably think I'm crazy but I don't like to wait till the last minute to do things!

5.  We will be starting our house hunting process really soon and I cant wait!  I am excited to buy our first house together and to make it our own.  We've been looking a little online and have found this really cute one that we like.  We're just waiting for Jason's tax return for the us to start the whole process.

6. Last weekend it was really nice outside and Kaylee wanted to bring her bike outside.  My brother got her bike for her 2nd birthday but she wasn't big enough to reach the peddles and make herself go.  So I brought her bike down and daddy helped teach her to ride her bike.  She got frusterated cause she kept setting off the brakes.  But she was able to peddle with some help and she had a good time.  Keira even enjoyed sitting on it and pretending she was going!

7. Our dog is leaving in less than a week to go to the breeders.  We take her to the breeders 2 weeks before her puppies are due so that she can get settled.  So in two in a half weeks she will be the proud mama of her 4th liter of puppies.  She is the biggest she's ever been, so we're hoping for a lot of puppies.  We already have people interested in her pups just by seeing Kona's picture on the breeders site. 

8. Today I decided to let the girls take a later nap cause not looking at the time I put in 101 Dalmations right at 11:45, 15 minutes before nap time and since the girls were sitting so nicely in their chairs watching the movie I just let them stay up and then put them down after the movie. 

9.  Is it wrong that I let my girls run around the house naked?!  There are multiple times through out the day where you can find them running around or playing naked.  Keira only gets to go without a diaper for about an hour before she gets a diaper on or else I'll have to clean up pee pee on the floor.

10.  Have I mentioned how I cant wait for summer to get here.  Being couped up the house all day cause it's to cold to play outside is getting to my girls.  I cant wait for it to warm up and be able to play outside or at the park.  We have a fun family trip planned with Jason's parents where we will be spending a week at the beach!   I cant wait!  I'm sure the girls will have a blast.  Hurry up July!


  1. Poor sweet Keira! I hope she feels better soon!

  2. Oh, and regarding letting your girls run around naked, I think that's totally normal, ha. I let Gracie do that today while running to grab more diapers in the closet. Unfortunately for me, when I came back in there I realized she had peed all over her books, haha!

  3. I don't think you are crazy about the birthday at all! I am already thinking of Callyn's birthday and party and it's still 7 months out! I have to be prepared or it won't get done!

  4. Oh, poor baby. I hope she feels better soon. I am still waiting for the teething pains to come. I've got a 14month old who doesn't have a single tooth in her mouth!

  5. Good for you planning ahead for birthdays! I dont like to be last minute either. Teething pains are the worst :( Hope it gets better.

  6. Yay for House Hunting!! Such a fun process!!! Your dog is so cute!!!! Cant wait to see the pups!:)