Wednesday, February 22, 2012

80 days...

until this little beauty turns 3!
I cant believe she'll be 3 in 80 short days.
Really where the heck has the time gone? It whizzed by in a flash!
Yes I'm that crazy mom who is starting the countdown right now...

Even though I've heard from people that 3 is harder than 2, I'm hoping it isn't true and that my strong willed child who talks about and is totally sassy doesn't get worse!  LOL  Yes you heard me right this sweet little 2.5 year old talks back, who knew.  Who knew an almost 3 year old knew how to talk back!  But she's learned real quick not to talk back, cause she'll get little tap on the mouth and then she appologizes right away.  We don't do spankings in our house, we do time outs.  She's only gotten love spanks a few times.
Ok enough about the bad lets talk about how SWEET, CARING and OVERDRAMATIC this child is.  When she wants to be she can be the sweetest little thing.  My favorite is when she walks up out of no where and gives big hugs and says "I love you mommy".  She's very caring most of the time towards Keira, always there when she cries to make sure she's not hurt.  I've never seen a kid more overdramatic than mine. LOL
We've decided on the BIG present where going to get her for her birthday.
Since we went to the store in Livermore all she's talked about is wanting a doll house.
After lots of talking and searching the internet I've found the doll house were going to get her.
We were going to get her one from that store in Livermore but decided to search around.  I found a bigger one for less money on amazon.

This is the one were getting her and it comes furnished!

As far as the little people to go with it, Jason's parents are going to Germany right before Kaylee's birthday and grandma said that she's going to get her little wooden people, so cute!  I cant wait to see how happy she gets when she see's it.

She is also into wearing this necklace that Keira got for her birthday.  Keira wears her baltic amber teething necklace everyday so Kaylee wears this little bee necklace.  While searching around on etsy. I found this super cute personalized necklace.

Although I'm a little sad that my "baby" girl is growing up, I cant wait to see whats in store for her in the future.  I'm excited to sign her up for preschool, which I will do soon.  She asks me often if she can go to school and play with friends.  How cute, right?!

So the countdown is on and we have 80 days till my "baby" turns 3 and into such a


  1. Sweet baby Kaylee almost 3??? Crazy. And Im with you. Lidia better not be worse at 3 then she is now... or else I will be scared!

  2. I really hope 3 isn't worse!!!!

    Raya was asking every day when she gets her new dollhouse. I finally told her "your birthday is in the spring....when the snow melts and turns to water and then the flowers grow *then* it's your birthday" now every morning she wakes up and looks out the window for flowers LOL

  3. She is such a cutie! They grow up way too fast!

  4. could your baby girl be any more gorgeous? seriously she is stunning, she will be a heartbreaker one day! And she will LOVE her favorite gift growing up as a dollhouse that my grandpa made me and my sisters, I think my mom saved it for future grandbabies ;-)

  5. It goes by so quick. It seems like just yesterday my little girl was 3 years old and now she is 5. It's kinda sad!! And I looveeee the necklace, super cute!! =)c

  6. is the terrific threes!!
    I think my girls may have had that same doll house...hours and hours and hours of fun. your daughter will love it!!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  7. Gosh, I cant believe shes almost 3 already. Well, 3's are worse than twos in my Kaylee's case. But, in her defense.. 2s weren't terrible at all with her. The first 4 months of the 3's were rough, but now that she's 3 and a half, shes gotten so much better. We still have our days, but I really do LOVE this age.

    Love the dollhouse you guys picked out. Shes going to love it! :) Are you having a party for her? What theme are you doing?