Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

1.  Daddy got home last night at 9:45, I was so HAPPY to see him and snuggle with him and kiss those lips (sorry).  Those 5 days seemed so long.  The girls were so excited when he went into their room this morning to surprise them.  As soon as Kaylee saw him she yelled "daddy, your home.  I missed you" and Keira just kept saying "dada dada".  We are all so glad to have daddy back home!  He has to work a half day today and when he gets home we're going to take the girls to the park with my dad.  I have a new found respect for single moms and military families.  I realized how much Jason helps me and I'm so thankful for him.

2. I'm so mad, I sewed Keira a pair of the same ruffle pants as Kaylee.  Keira's are a double ruffle bottom.  I printed the 12-18 month pattern but I'm so mad cause the pants are way to tight.  I knew I should have printed the 24 -2T pattern.  Oh well I guess I'll have to make them again.

3. I have 2 new books that I just ordered that I'm excited about.  I ordered The Hunger Games which I'm excited to read cause of all the awesome reviews I've seen floating around here in the blog world.  My Hunger Game book will be here on Friday.  The other book I preordered was BLOOM from Kelle Hamptom.  I am beyond excited to read this book, she is such an inspiration and I love reading her blog and see the beautiful pictures of her adorable girls.  BLOOM's release date is April 3rd.  I also ordered 2 Easter books for the girls for their Easter baskets.

4.  Our beautiful weather has left us for a few days!  It's suppose to rain all day tomorrow....BOO!  But on a brighter note it's suppose to be back up to 70 by the weekend and the forecast for next week will be AWESOME!  So awesome that we'll be spending a lot of time outside cause it's suppose to be in the mid 70s.  Bring on spring/summer!!!

5.  I have become slightly obsessed with nail polish and painting my nails something new every week.  I've been pinning a bunch of new nail colors to try and maybe if I get a little more adventerous I'll try a design.

6.  After reading Becky's post about making a list of 25 things she wanted to do with her daughter before she turned 2.  I love that idea and I'm going to be making one for us.  I would love for us to do more fun things as a family. I would love to take the girls fruit picking, go to the aquarium, the childrens museum, the beach and park fun.  So I'll be making a list of things to do with the girls as a family that hopefully we can get done before Keira turns 2 in November. 

7.  I am anxiously awaiting to hear news from the breeder saying that Kona is having her puppies.  This is her last liter and we're hoping for lots of puppies this time.  1st liter = 7 puppies, 2nd liter = 6 puppies & 3rd liter = 5 puppies (put she stepped on one and it died).  So I guess we'll see next week.

8.  I finally heard back about my evaluation form from school in order to get my certificate.  I'm confused on all the writting that was written all over it and so I had to send them an email to get some clarification.  I finshed all my required classes in December and hopefully I can get this all figured out soon.  AHHHHH!!

* Sorry no cute pictures of the girls....check back tomorrow to see some adorable pictures of my littlest munchkin, she'll be 15 months old tomorrow!!!  She's growing up way to fast, that's for sure!


  1. you will looove The Hunger Games, I am almost done with it and can't wait to start the second book. BTW the nails with the grey and pink are too may have inspired me lol

  2. I have heard the bloom book is great! I haven't read hunger games, but it doesn't look like something I would normally read. I'm so glad your guy came home, I know y'all missed him!!! And what are you going to school for? I guess I missed that post..

  3. You will like the Hungery games. I loved the first book, the 2nd book was also good...I was disappointed by the third but it was alright.

    I think pants are really tricky, especially for kids wearing diapers. I always think they are too baggy and "poofy" when I make them plenty big to get on, but then if I try to make them more tailored and fitted they are tight. I love making pants with knit material now because it's stretchy and you don't have that problem! hehe. It's just harder to find cute knit prints.

  4. I've never heard of the book Bloom, I will totally check it out now!! You are gonna love The Hunger Games... be prepared not to put this book down!! :)

  5. Love the nails! I might have to try that grey one and use green on the tips for St. Patty's!

  6. Glad he made it home! And you will read the whole Hunger Games this weekend. It is so good!

  7. It's always hard to have your husband away. I hate it when mine has to leave for any period of time. I *LOVE* the nails! The grey and pink are super cute!!!! =)

  8. thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! i think your girls are darling! i just bought the hunger games this week too- gave into peer pressure :) cant wait to start reading! i am your newest follower!