Monday, February 13, 2012

Kaylee 33 months old

Kaylee Elizabeth,

Oh boy you are growing up so quickly and that little attitude of yours is growing just as fast!  This month you've started talking back a lot more and getting yourself into some trouble.  But when you are not sassing back you are such a sweet girl.  I will say that your over dramaticness has gotten worse.  You are so over dramatic, it's funny.  You are such a smart girl, maybe to smart for your own good sometimes.  Some of the stuff that comes out of your mouth, often leaves me wondering "where the heck did you hear that from".  But the one thing that I never get tired of hearing from you is "I love you mommy" or "your my best friend", ah this kid nows how to melt my heart!

SLEEPING: we've had a little trouble in the sleeping department this month.  You are still taking 1 nap a day from 12-3, the problem was that you and sissy share a room and you were getting out of bed to play with her.  Mommy would have to come up multiple times to tell you stay in bed.  It got so bad that we moved sissy to a different room, and since we did that we've had to no problems with nap time.  But then it moved to you doing this at bed time.  So our new thing we're trying is to take a toy away.  You go to sleep with your woody doll and your CARS cars, so if I have to come up and talk to you I take one of your toys away.  We've been doing this for 3 days and it seems to be working. (thanks for all the advise on this ladies)

EATING:  this is another chore with you.  You are very picky and half the time you only want to eat junk!  Which mommy doesn't give in to.  At dinner we've started making you sit at the table until you eat most of your dinner, before your allowed to get down.

CLOTHES:  kid are you ever going to grow?  You are my petite little girl.  At almost 3 years old you've finally moved into size 3T clothes.  You are a shorty that's for sure.  Maybe you'll take after your daddy, he was short until his junior year in high school when he sprouted up!  I think your sister is going to pass you right up. There's only a 4" difference between the two you as of 2-1-12. 

Weight: 28lbs
Height: 34" long
Clothes: 3T
Shoe Size: 7.5
Hair: dirty blonde
Eyes: blue

The bond that continues to grow between you and your sister is just amazing to watch.  I love to watch the two of you when you play nicely together, the little things you do to make sissy laugh, the sweet side of you when you walk up to her and give her hugs and kisses, how you try to consoul her when she's crying.  It just melts my heart and I hope the bond between you two continues to grow and you two are best friends!

* you've started to enjoy posing for the camera, which mommy loves.  I'm such a mommy papparazzi and have been since day one.  There was a time that you wanted nothing to do with getting your picture taken.  You like to pose and then come and look at the picture.  Usually after looking at your picture you say "ah mommy I'm so pretty, lets take more pictures"

* You are still obsessed with Toy Story and you enjoyed your first Disney on Ice Toy Story 3 show.  Which you enjoyed beyond words.  It was so great to see the surprise in your eyes and all the fun you had.

* You also love the movie CARS

* you have major attitude, you cross your arms...stomp your foot and then say "I'm mad".  We have decided that you aren't allowed to watch Ni Hao Kai Lan anymore cause that's where you got that from!

* you have been the same weight since 18 months and since 18 months old you've grown an inch!

* you can put your undies, pants and shoes on and off by yourself.

* you like to brush your teeth.  We just got you a new Toy Story tooth brush, which make brushing your teeth so much more fun!!

* you can count to 20

* you make up your own stories and also make up your own stories while reading your books.  Its great to hear your imagination at work when you make up the stories!

* you still have a fear of going #2 on the potty.

* you sing along with cartoons and make up your own songs.  I love hearing you sing, its so cute!

* you can sing your ABCs

* you can draw a face on your people now.

* you like to build towers with the mega blocks and when sissy knocks your towers over you get really mad and then throw all the blocks off!

* you love to give hugs and kisses

* you like to be thrown high in the air

* you don't like when you have to get your hair done, but you always have to make sure you have a bow in your hair.

* you saw your first Disney on Ice show and you absolutely LOVED every minute of it.  When it was over you cried and said "I want my toy story back, I miss them".  We will be doing more Disney on Ice in the future!

* You are still 100% a daddy's girl and I don't think that will change

* mommy is looking into preschools for you, so you might be starting Preschool this next school year.  Which makes mommy sad and happy at the same time.  I know you LOVE school and you ask all the time if you can go to school.

* your 3rd birthday is only 3 months away and it just blows my mind how fast your growing up and that I'm going to have a 3 year old.

* you are a social butterfly and make friends really easily.  I love watching you interact with other kids.

* you let us know all the time that you are not a baby and that your a BIG GIRL!


  1. That is wonderful that she can make up stories while looking at her books! I love all of the pictures and the cute little faces she makes. She's such a doll.

  2. I love all of her pictures- she is such a little diva!!

  3. Great pics! I think Kaylee and Raya are the same height...Raya hasn't grown hardly at all since her last birthday! She's a good 8 lbs heavier though LOL

    Glad the sleeping thing is getting a little better!

    Hope you are feeling better soon and don't get sick!

  4. glad Toy Story was fun!! Yay!

    Lidia has an issue with going #2 on the potty too! As in, she REFUSES! If you have any tips, let me know!

    and I love hearing "Youre my best friend" too. Melts me :)