Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Recap & Twirl Skirts

Saturday {February 4th}  On Saturday morning we slept in till 8:30 came downstairs, we were in the middle of eating breakfast when we got a call from Jason's mom (kaylee spent the night).  She said that Kaylee wanted all of us to meet her at the park to play.  His mom lives about 15 minutes away so we hurried to get dressed and met them at the park by our house.  It was a beautiful Saturday morning.  We started out being the only ones at the park and then as the morning started warming up more, more people started coming.  The girls made a new friend, a 19 month old little boy named Frank.  Kaylee played with him more and Keira would rather walk around and explore.

We played at the park for almost 2 hours before leaving to come home, to eat some lunch and then the girls would go down for their nap.  But before nap time I took some measurements from the girls so that I could start working on their twirl skirts.

Once the girls woke up from their nap we just hung out the rest of the day.  I made a cauliflower casserole for dinner that I had found on Pinterest, which was awesome!  After dinner we watched a movie, Keira had a cry fest for a good 30 minutes, I gave her some medicine cause she felt warm and her finger was about to fall off from all the chewing she was doing to it. (I'm thinking her molars are coming in, I felt it on one side)

Sunday {February 5th} Kaylee came into our room bright and early at 7am, so I turned on cartoons for her while she sat on our bed and watched them.  We slept for another 45 minutes before daddy got up to take a shower, we needed to go to his dad's house to work on a new pool bid.  So he left and the girls and I were on our own for the morning.  We had a fruity breakfast of blueberries, strawberries and apples.

After eating breakfast I knew I needed to keep the girls busy to prevent fights.  So we did a Valentine's Day craft and then made another craft for the girls to give to Grandma and Grandpa.  I got this idea from Pinterest and it turned out to cute.  Keira actually coroperated and they turned out cute.  I also made a cute little Valentine's Day Coupon book for Jason.

After our craft we watched Shrek.  It's funny cause Kaylee calls the cat "Kitten Puss" instead of Puss and Boots.  LOL  While they watched the movie I made up some strawberrie and banana smoothies, which were oh so good!  The girls thought they were awesome too!  After the movie the girls went down for their nap and I headed upstairs to sew their skirts.  Which might I add came out totally cute!  For being my first real thing I've ever made I love them.  I am going to be making them a few more and then making a cute little matching shirt to go with them, since I have a lot of extra fabric left over.

Before Keira woke up from her nap we started watching the Super Bowl.  We didn't have any big plans so we were just going to hang out at home and watch it.  But my dad called and asked if we wanted to come over.  We waited for Keira to wake up and then got ready and headed over there.  Once we got there the girls played and we listened to music....nobody wanted to watch the game.  It sucked cause I missed the half time show.  But the girls had fun so that's all that matters.

We had a great weekend!
Today daddy had to go to work for a little bit.  So after the girls ate their breakfast I got them dressed into their skirts and did a little photoshoot.  I tried to set up a cute little set up and of course it didn't work out like I had imagined in my head.  It usually never does, cause my kids don't do what my imaginary in my head kids do!  LOL  But I think I got some cute ones.  These dresses are for Easter so I"m gonna made a cute easter shirt to go with them, just not sure what yet.

Here they are the TWIRL SKIRT (I got the tutorial for this skirt off Pinterest, it was really easy to follow)

check out the real smile from Kaylee (that doesn't happen very often, I didn't promt either)



  1. I am super impressed with your craftiness! All of your Pinterest projects turn out so cute! I'm loving the Valentine's crafts and the twirl skirts are adorable!

  2. Look at you miss crafty! Those skirts turned out super cute!

  3. Very cute! I've never made circle skirts before...might have to try it some time! :-)

  4. The twirl skirts as PRECIOUS!!! LOVE them on those sweet girls:)

  5. love all the pics. the skirts turned out awesome! and i love your little coupon book :)

  6. Those skirts are too cute!! And you are so lucky to have family nearby to take the girls for sleepovers. We definitely miss that!

  7. Found you while clicking around. Love the skirts! What a fun thing to do. I hope I'm this crafty when my daughter gets a little older!